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Rising paper prices raise Eucalyptus planting heat in Fujian Province

affected by the rise in international paper prices, the fast-growing and high-yield Eucalyptus project has triggered a planting heat in many areas of our province. Experts believe that while this tree species has high economic value, there is also a dispute that it is a green desert for fertilizer extractors. Therefore, reasonable planning is needed for large-scale planting. According to the data of Sufeng Office of the provincial forestry department, 200000 mu of Eucalyptus is planned to be planted in our province this year, accounting for 20% of the new growth area of high-yield forests. In addition, the folk Eucalyptus planting fever also rises one after another. Many forest farmers in eastern and Northern Fujian and other mountainous areas even introduced eucalyptus seedlings through relationships

the economic benefit is higher than that of other tree species, which is the main reason for the improvement of farmers' enthusiasm. Li Baofu, an expert in Eucalyptus research at the Provincial Academy of forestry and a professor level senior engineer, said that eucalyptus grows rapidly, reaching 16 meters high in six or seven years, with a chest diameter of 14 cm and a total weight of 100 kg

decades ago, due to the low level of papermaking industry in our province, Eucalyptus could not be used, so it could only be sliced and exported to South Korea and Japan as papermaking raw materials. Due to the low price, people were not enthusiastic about planting Eucalyptus at that time. However, in the 1990s, there were well-known enterprises in the domestic paper industry Nanzhi and Qingzhi in our province. In addition, many wood-based panel enterprises emerged. The supply of Eucalyptus in the province exceeded the demand, which gave birth to a round of Eucalyptus planting fever

Eucalyptus is used for papermaking and wood-based panel. The price of each Eucalyptus is about 60 or 70 yuan. Usually, about 100 trees can be planted per mu. If it takes a few more years, the value will double. Li Baofu said that when the forest farmers in Zhangzhou, our province cut down eucalyptus trees, they did not cut them all, but left 30% of them, that is, 30 trees per mu to continue to grow. When the trees are 15 years old, their DBH can reach 40 or 50 cm, and each tree can be sold for more than 1000 yuan

it is reported that the standard production area of Zhangzhou container floor testing machine is the largest area of Eucalyptus planting in our province because of the hot and humid climate. According to the data provided by the Forestry Department of our province, the planting area of this area reached 150000 mu last year, accounting for half of the new planting area of Eucalyptus in the province. In addition, the planting area of Eucalyptus in Fuzhou, Putian, Sanming and Yong'an is also large

from the perspective of market conditions, in January and February this year, the year-on-year growth rate of China's log imports showed a negative growth, mainly due to the world's technical indicators such as the maximum bearing force, tensile strength, elongation deformation, elongation rate of tested materials. Countries have increased the protection of domestic forest resources and increased restrictions on wood exports. In this context, the industry believes that as a major forestry Province in China, it is undoubtedly of certain market strategic significance for our province to increase the planting of Eucalyptus in the upstream raw materials of papermaking

most Eucalyptus fertilization can solve the problem of fertilizer extraction

however, Eucalyptus projects with high economic benefits may cause ecological crisis at the same time. It is reported that in 2005, people in Guangdong, Yunnan and other places rumored that eucalyptus would reduce the groundwater level due to its rapid growth, resulting in the decline of soil fertility and the exclusion of other biological growth. Therefore, government departments were required to take relevant measures to prevent the ecological deterioration caused by eucalyptus forests, and farmers even pulled seedlings and destroyed forests in some areas

for this reason, many experts, such as the Eucalyptus Professional Committee of the Chinese Forestry Association and the Eucalyptus research and development center of the State Forestry Administration, have carried out investigations and demonstrations in various aspects. The Forestry Department of our province has also formed an expert group to conduct a special investigation on some forestation mountain farms in our province. After visiting some enterprises, large foresters and the masses around the forestation sites, we have consulted a large number of experimental and research materials on Eucalyptus ecological problems, and have cooperated with Guangdong, Guangxi After the exchange of experts from Hainan (provincial and district) forestry department, a special report was formed

the special report focused on the water quality of Eucalyptus surface water, the focus of the debate on ecological problems caused by Eucalyptus, and the undergrowth vegetation of Eucalyptus. Finally, it was concluded that the ecological problems of Eucalyptus did exist, but it was not as serious as expected. Experts believe that as long as the planting layout of Eucalyptus is reasonably arranged and the planting method is scientifically managed, the benefits of planting Eucalyptus far outweigh the disadvantages

in an interview yesterday, Li Baofu, an expert in Eucalyptus research and professor level senior engineer of the Provincial Academy of forestry, also believed that although Eucalyptus grows fast and requires a lot of water and nutrients, the hydrothermal conditions in our province can meet the growth of Eucalyptus. For the problem of fertilizer pumping, the forestry science and technology department should guide forest farmers to apply fertilizer for Eucalyptus. In addition, in view of the argument that eucalyptus will cause no plants to grow around, Li Baofu believes that the places where Eucalyptus is planted in our province are still overgrown with weeds, which is what scientists and technicians have seen with their own eyes. Therefore, the argument that eucalyptus planting destroys the ecosystem is untenable

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eucalyptus, an eucalyptus plant of myrtle family, has become the general name of a large country in the high molecular material industry, also known as yougali. Most of them originated in Australia and were introduced to all parts of the world in the 19th century. Eucalyptus wood is tough and durable, and can be used for sleepers, pillars, bridges, buildings, pulp and wood-based panels; Leaf extractable essence can make graphics with oil and produce eucalyptus, citral, etc., which is widely used in perfume and pharmaceutical industry. Eucalyptus can grow to more than 150 meters high (generally 100~110 meters), which is the highest tree in the world

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