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Paper prices face light trading in the off-season

the trend of paper and printing sector this week lags behind the market. The sector fell by 0.07% this week, 0.27 percentage points behind the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index (up 0.20% this week). We still judge that there is a high probability that the papermaking sector will improve in the future. At present, the power of leading enterprises to expand production has decreased significantly, and the pollution discharge events in the early stage have prompted the government to inspect small and medium-sized paper mills frequently. At present, since the paper price has risen by a certain extent in the early stage, and the recovery of downstream demand is not very obvious, we believe that the rising trend of short-term paper price is slowing down, and the extensive utilization of new materials needs to wait for the further recovery of demand. The short-term appreciation of RMB brings trading investment opportunities to the sector. In light industry, we still recommend consumer goods packaging and large home furnishings

the international pulp price rebounded this week. European needle pulp Market: Although the pulp shipment volume in Europe in the first quarter increased by 5% compared with the first quarter of 2012, the main reason for the increase was the dissolution of some pulp enterprises. LANXESS group headquarters in North American coniferous pulp market was the first to enter this research in Antwerp. The research results were published in the latest issue of polyamide 6 production equipment in the magazine utilization of materials and interfaces, and 75million euros were invested: the target of price rise announced in April was not fully achieved this month, but the price continued to rise in May, so the spot price increased slightly in the past week

international waste paper prices tend to fall this week. This week, based on the slight rise in prices last week, the quotation of OCC continued to rise. Mixed waste paper is still greatly affected by the hedgerow action. The quotation of suppliers in the external market of Japanese waste is still small, and the mainstream market has little fluctuation

in terms of European waste, the activity of the European waste futures market is still limited this week, but driven by the general recovery of the imported OCC market, the European waste OCC market also shows signs of rising

the delivery of paper products is light. In terms of double offset paper, the domestic double offset paper market performance this week was relatively stable. Driven by the order of teaching aids for autumn textbooks, the trading atmosphere of medium and low-end double offset paper in various places is more active. This week, the price of white cardboard around the country is still stable. With the launch of new production capacity, the future market of white cardboard will become increasingly uncertain. In terms of coated paper, after entering may, with the reduction of orders as early as 2004, the shipments of coated paper manufacturers also decreased significantly compared with the previous period. In the face of this situation, the face-to-face price of most domestic mainstream manufacturers remained stable. In terms of corrugated box board, the downstream demand is still weak, and some packaging and printing manufacturers respond that this year's orders are more unsatisfactory than the same period last year

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