The hottest paper prices remained stable this week

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The paper price remained stable this week

the paper price plays a very important role in paper printing. As for the paper price this week, the general state of the high-frequency decadent experimental machine in the equipment responding to the experimental fixture is that the paper price remained stable. The following is a detailed list of the detailed prices of various types of paper products for your reference

copper paper: most of the prices were stable this week (e.g. Daewoo yuan/ton), and some varieties fell slightly (e.g. Zixing fell from yuan/ton to yuan/ton)

double offset paper: the price will remain stable this week (e.g. UPM price yuan/ton)

paper: in the North American market, the price indexes of paper (30lb) and paper (27lb) are the same as last week. The European paper price index rose slightly by 0.03% to 501.61 euros this week, with a good market performance in July

whiteboard: the quotation of main varieties continues to remain stable (e.g. Jin Ou yuan/ton)

white cardboard: continue the price trend of last week (for example, the Sheikh continued to explore, falling from last week's yuan/ton to yuan/ton, while other varieties remained unchanged)

Advanced technological capacity

packaging paper: in the international market, the price of packaging paper generally fell slightly this week (the price index of kraft paper for noodles this week was 579.27 euros, down 0.27 euros from last week)

wood pulp Market: the decline narrowed this week

due to the contraction of downstream demand, the main varieties of domestic wood pulp market have continued to decline since the second quarter, but the decline slowed down in the last week of July. In the segment market, the price of broad-leaved pulp stabilized, unchanged from last week. When the needle pulp price general tensile testing machine is working, we should often pay attention to the narrowing of the decline of oil volume. The decline of black needle, cloth needle, silver star and Beimu fell by 2.5%, 2.5%, 2.5% and 1.6% respectively, while the moon and kailipu remained unchanged

waste paper Market: the price of waste paper has loosened this week, with a steady decline

the price of daily waste 3 # has declined slightly, and 8 # and 11 # are the same as last week

the market of American waste fell this week, with both 8 # and 11 # falling slightly by about $2, to $per ton and $per ton

European waste prices fell steadily, a2softmixed (continental Europe) and a2softmixed (UK source) remained unchanged, and ukocc fell 0.8%

from the above data, we can see that the prices of both professional paper products and pulp have remained relatively stable this week

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