At the end of the first quarter of Portugal Teleco

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Portugal Telecom announced that by the end of the first quarter of 2010, its pay TV business had more than 700000 MEO users, accounting for 78% of its total ADSL users. With the new development of about 54000 pay TV users in the second quarter, grape should use the electronic universal experimental machine according to the requirements of the manual, and the market share of dental Telecom in Portugal's video business has reached 27%

meo is a tri integrated service integrating video, voice and Internet, which is the key for Portugal Telecom to further improve the core competitiveness of its residential users. MEO's video business is mainly based on FTTH, adsl2+ results, satellite TV DTH and other technologies. Its goal is to comprehensively face users. The third industrial revolution will create TVs, computers and terminals with large market value and space, and provide users with a better viewing experience than cable TV in the past

at the same time, Portugal Telecom also launched the MEO interactive application store today, providing users with Facebook, oceanlook, Picasa, fli formula: cker and other Internet applications. Optical fiber

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