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The paper price rises, and the stubborn disease of excessive packaging ushers in a cure opportunity under the pressure of price

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core tip: the national day and Mid Autumn Festival are coming, and the gift market also ushers in the peak sales season. However, the visit found that the packaging of gifts such as moon cakes on the market in 2017 has become "simple" compared with previous years, and the value of the concept of "recycling in waste stations" mainly lies in the waste gift box has also been greatly reduced.

[China Packaging News] with the advent of the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival, the gift market has also ushered in the peak sales season. However, the visit found that the packaging of gifts such as moon cakes on the market in 2017 has become "simple" compared with previous years, The waste gift boxes recycled in the waste station are also greatly reduced. Many people also found that the price of express packaging boxes has quietly increased. The reason for this is not only the improvement of people's green consumption concept in recent years, but also the rise of paper prices. According to the statistical data of the National Bureau of statistics and the national post, the price of base paper was 3000 yuan per ton in July 2016, while the price of base paper soared to 5000 yuan per ton in September 2017. The rise in the price of base paper was directly transmitted to the packaging of daily consumer goods, and the criticized phenomenon of excessive packaging is changing under the pressure of price

it is difficult to find moon cakes with "heavy makeup" in the market

moon cakes have always been regarded as the main gifts for relatives and friends during the Mid Autumn Festival. In today's market, luxury packaged moon cakes with thousands of yuan are hard to find, and most of them are packaged more simply

at noon on October 1, I visited a large supermarket on Ningxia road. At this time, the experimental power was no longer increased. I found that moon cakes were selling well, all kinds of moon cakes occupied a prominent position in the supermarket, and the supermarket staff were working hard to promote and attract customers to buy. In the bulk moon cake area, the shelves are full of moon cakes with five kernels, jujube paste, fruits and other flavors, with prices ranging from 2.9 yuan to 19.9 yuan each. Many customers are shopping. "I bought it myself a few days ago and ate it very well. Today I specially bought some loose moon cakes for my friends." Ms. Li, who lives in badahu, told me. According to the supermarket staff, this year's bulk moon cake shelves are larger than in previous years, and sales are particularly good. Many gift boxes are directly sold as bulk moon cakes

compared with the bustle of the bulk moon cake area, the gift box moon cake area seemed a little deserted. Within 20 minutes, only 7 customers stopped to inquire. We can see that more than a dozen brands of moon cakes such as daoxiangcun, Huamei and Budweiser are on sale, with prices ranging from 118 yuan to 498 yuan. Compared with the high-end and high-grade gift box moon cakes packed in previous years, the packaging in 2017 was much "shabby". It was observed that without the package of "three layers inside and three layers outside", the gift box moon cake packaging on the shelf was very simple. Most moon cakes are packed in two-layer cartons. Some even have simple cartons on the outside and plastic trays inside. In addition, the packaging cartons of these moon cakes are not only significantly thinner and smaller, but also rarely used bronzing and other processes

the price of moon cakes with the same packaging specifications as in previous years has changed

"this boxed moon cake has increased by 10 yuan over 2016, mainly because the packaging is expensive." In front of the Dan Xiang display cabinet in a supermarket on Nanjing Road, the staff introduced a gift box moon cake with a price of 138 yuan. She said that the packaging of this moon cake was almost the same as that of previous years, and the price in 2016 was 128 yuan. Although the prices of sugar and oil, the raw materials of moon cakes, have increased, they are not much. The main reason for the rise in prices is still the packaging carton

after visiting many pastry stores, it was found that there were two "painting styles" in the moon cake market in 2017: either the price of moon cakes did not rise, and only the packaging "slimming" method could be adopted, such as thinning and shrinking the packaging of moon cakes, using no complex process on the box, or expanding the proportion of moon cakes in bulk; Either the packaging specifications are the same as those in previous years, and the increase in packaging costs is directly reflected in the increase in the selling price of moon cakes when the "content" of moon cakes remains unchanged

the purchase price of waste cartons is the highest in ten years

on the afternoon of the 1st, at a waste purchase station on Nanjing Road, the boss Wang Lei was busy paying the bill to the people who came to deliver the waste. "The purchase price of waste cartons has risen too fast! Two months ago, it was 50 cents a kilogram, but now it has risen to 1 yuan a kilogram." Wang Lei told me that he had never seen such a high price of waste cartons in the past 10 years. "Although the price is high, there are fewer people selling it. Compared with previous years, we have to collect almost 300 kilograms of waste paper boxes less every day." Wang Lei said that before and after the double festival should be the time when the number of waste cartons is the most, but this year it is obviously much less

also felt the reduction of waste cartons, as well as a waste purchase station along Jinsong Road. "At this time of year, colorful cartons perform well in other regional markets. I originally thought that higher prices would yield more, but I didn't expect the volume to become less." Said master Huang of the waste station

recently, people's choice of packing boxes has quietly changed when sending express. "These days, there are obviously more people who send express delivery here, and pack them in their own cartons or directly in bags." Shaoxing Road, a courier company staff told. During the interview, many couriers here said that the express price did not rise, but the price of packaging cartons rose. When customers send express delivery, the company will provide six types of boxes, of which the largest box No. 6 has increased by 4 yuan, and other models have increased by 1 yuan

"customers can choose their own packing boxes. Now we suggest customers to use their own boxes as much as possible." Guo Weilong, a SF courier, told me that on the one hand, the price of boxes is now higher than before; On the other hand, recycling boxes is more environmentally friendly without damage to express delivery

the rise in paper prices has forced the simplicity of packaging

in recent years, although China has continuously introduced policies and measures to control excessive packaging, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods has been reduced, but it has never stopped

on the one hand, this is inseparable from the motivation of businesses to pursue higher profits; On the other hand, for a long time, the price of cartons has been relatively low, which has little impact on the cost. In order to satisfy customers, many businesses avoid over packaging goods due to poor packaging and poor comments, and businesses have insufficient motivation to recycle; In addition, in the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of goods released in 2014, strict restrictions are only made on the fields of food, cosmetics, health products and so on, while there are no clear standards in the fields of fruits, fresh food, express delivery and so on

according to the national postal statistics, in 2016, the National Express business volume reached 31.28 billion pieces, with a total consumption of 3.7 billion packaging boxes. Although this number decreased compared with 9.922 billion packaging boxes in 2015, the consumption is still very large

the rise in paper prices has forced the phenomenon of excessive packaging to significantly reduce. Due to the rising price of raw and auxiliary materials, the increase of environmental protection to June 2017, the increase of market demand and other factors, the paper price rose. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics and the national post, the price of base paper was 3000 yuan per ton in July 2016, while the price of base paper soared to 5000 yuan per ton in September 2017. The rise in the price of base paper also directly affected the price of cartons

"from year ago to now, the price of cartons has risen sharply, most of which have increased by 70%, and some have even increased by 80%. Originally, many products were packed in two-layer cartons, but now only one layer of cartons can be used." A Taobao store owner in Daocheng complained that the rise in paper prices had also increased his operating costs, and now he had to simplify the packaging. In addition to simplifying packaging, another effective way to reduce excessive packaging is to recycle cartons and recycle them. Due to the rising price of paper, many enterprises have begun to recycle cartons to reduce packaging costs. Recently, the rookie post station launched the "carton recycling" plan

the rise in the price of paper raw materials has forced enterprises to innovate and transform. Huang Shengwen, deputy director of the packaging technology committee of the electronic industry of the China Packaging Federation, said that this round of price rise has increased the cost of manufacturing enterprises in a short time, but in the long run, it can reduce their excessive packaging, promote enterprises to improve packaging technology and enhance their competitiveness. In a sense, it is also an opportunity

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