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The price of paper "rises" constantly. Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang discuss countermeasures

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since August 2020, the price of domestic finished paper (cultural paper, packaging paper, household paper) has increased frequently. Up to now, the price of main packaging paper and cultural paper products is still rising sharply, which has a great impact on the normal production and operation of enterprises in the industrial chain called the yield point or physical yield strength

in order to gain mutual understanding, build fair trade and orderly market order in the industrial chain, and maintain the reasonable and legitimate interests of the industrial chain, on February 5, Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai Newspaper Association, Shanghai Publishing House Management Association, Jiangsu printing association, Zhejiang Publishing Association Zhejiang printing association and other relevant associations in two provinces and one city held a seminar on "large fluctuations in paper prices and how relevant parties should respond" to discuss solutions and promote the healthy development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

from June 2020, after experiencing the downturn after the COVID-19, the price of white cardboard began to rise continuously and rapidly, and began the first wave of rise. The data shows that the price of conventional white cardboard continued to rise from 5400/ton in June 2020 to 7700/ton in January 2021, an increase of 43%, reaching a high since 2013. Several paper-making enterprises of different sizes have "uniform" actions, and the increase and reasons are the same. The financial report of a leading white card enterprise predicts that the actual net profit from the performance test of automobile seat torsion spring will be 830 million and 850 million in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 514%~534%. This round of white card paper is a real leader

also in this round, the prices of box board paper, corrugated paper, coated paper, double offset paper and other kinds of paper also increased, but the increase was basically around 20%, which was significantly different from that of white cardboard

in 2021, the paper price began to rise for the second time. Around January 21, coated paper and double offset paper, which had a relatively modest increase in the early stage, made up for the strong increase. Several cultural paper head enterprises have issued price increase letters, all of which are "one letter and two increases": at the end of January or early February, they will rise once again in early March. The first increase is some 300/ton, some 500/ton, and the second time they will all rise 500/ton. On January 2, crystal structure around the 4th, the first wave of market led white cardboard took off again. Major producers echoed each other from afar, with the same "one letter and two rises"

after more than half a year of continuous rise, it has brought unprecedented impact to the normal production and operation of printing and packaging enterprises. If it cannot be effectively regulated, it will have a serious and large-scale impact on the whole printing industry. In the publishing industry, the printing and distribution of books and textbooks have a direct impact

based on the analysis of all parties, the industry believes that the continuous sharp rise in paper prices this round is due to market factors such as the rise in raw material costs, the adjustment of production capacity in the paper industry, the restriction of production and price control in paper mills, and the demand for price repair after the epidemic. However, from the perspective of price increase range, method, centralized release, etc., there are also subjective factors and practical manifestations of strong demand for profit from paper suppliers and price increases in a group

how to view the paper price trend in 2021 and its possible impact on the printing industry? Participants summed up three "ifs": first, if there is no big fluctuation on the demand side, it is not very likely for the paper mill to actively adjust the price downward; Secondly, if the paper price continues to rise, the impact on printing enterprises is mainly reflected in the cost; Finally, if the rise is too strong, it is likely to lead to the differentiation and integration of the printing market. The development of printing circles and downstream industries still faces great uncertainty when the epidemic has not dissipated. At present, the industrial chain needs to maintain the necessary rationality and calm, and cooperation and mutual benefit are the basic market rules to ensure the benign and sustainable development of the industrial chain ecosystem

the industry associations of two provinces and one city suggest that the printing industry should explore and establish a cross regional, shared paper procurement and supply system in line with the law of market economy as soon as possible, actively and jointly respond to the changes in the paper market and change the current situation of passive response. The majority of printing enterprises should take active and effective measures in this special period. Adjust the business strategy, timely and dynamically adjust the inventory, improve the internal management ability of the enterprise, improve the process, improve the technology, reduce the cost and increase efficiency, and increase revenue and reduce expenditure

it is reported that the major associations of two provinces and one city will start from two aspects in the next step. On the one hand, the upstream and downstream industry associations of the industrial chain should strengthen contact and communication, form an effective platform for these materials, not only reduce the weight of the train, but also jointly maintain the healthy development of the industrial chain according to market rules and legal norms. On the other hand, the printing industry association should realistically reflect the voice of industry enterprises to the relevant government departments, and ask the relevant government departments to pay attention to the strict situation of the industry, regulate upstream enterprises to enhance self-awareness and operate in accordance with the law

after the Spring Festival, the upstream and downstream of the two provinces and one city will hold a second seminar, inviting more paper-making enterprises to participate, hoping to form better new solutions and jointly maintain the healthy development of the industrial chain

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