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Some people rely on hoarding goods to "lie down and earn money" due to the sharp rise in paper prices, but this wave of price increases has become weak.

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core tip: Recently, Zhejiang interviewed a paper trader Xu Yongjun (a pseudonym). He said that recently he bought paper by robbing, and because of the sharp rise in paper prices in the past two years, some paper traders went to Shandong to rent a production line to produce their own paper. Xu Yongjun has a negative attitude towards the sharp rise in paper prices, which is likely to lead the development of intelligent hardware. He believes that the sharp rise in domestic paper prices has forced many manufacturers to buy paper overseas. The market supply chain is changing, and the demand is limited, so the price rise is unsustainable

[China Packaging News] recently, a paper trader Xu Yongjun (a pseudonym) in Zhejiang Province interviewed on the spot. He said that recently he bought paper by grabbing. Because the price of paper has soared in the past two years, some paper traders went to Shandong to rent a production line to produce paper themselves. Xu Yongjun took a negative attitude towards this wave of paper price surge. He believed that the surge in domestic paper prices forced many manufacturers to move overseas to buy paper. The market supply chain was changing, and the demand was limited, so the price rise was unsustainable

recently, there is a saying in the circle of paper business: it is better to fry paper than stocks. However, it is not easy to take a share in this wave of rising prices

Xu Yongjun (a pseudonym), who has been engaged in the intermediate trade of paper for more than 20 years, is engaged in the business of taking goods from various paper mills and distributing them to downstream production enterprises. In the industry, he is called "second plate merchant". In the words of Xu Yongjun in the past two years, "it is the best time to do business and the most difficult time to do it"

easy to do, because as long as you have paper in hand, you are not afraid to sell it; It's difficult to do, because you don't necessarily get paper with money in your hand

Xu Yongjun told Zhejiang about his recent experience in buying and selling paper

paper traders: those who have warehouses to stock up are lying down for more than one day to make money

I mainly make white cardboard, which is the kind of paper used to make business cards, invitations and happy sugar bags. From the end of 2016 to now, the overall price has increased by 50%~60%, which is the best market in the past 10 years. It is reasonable to say that may and June are the off-season (paper business), and the peak season is after September, but during this period, the notice of price adjustment of paper mills has hardly stopped. It's the first time I've been in the paper business for 20 years

there have been price increases in the past, which usually fall back after a few months. This time, it has lasted for nearly two years, and almost only rises without falling

you say it's difficult to do business. Last year, I made twoorthree million yuan easily. I didn't earn much because I didn't eat inventory. People who store goods in warehouses lie down for more than one day to earn money. If they store more than half a month, it will offset my profit of turnover once. You say that business is easy to do. Basically, I can receive the notice of price increase from the paper mill every week. Most of the time, the price increases three times a week. If I have money, I may not be able to get the goods

to what extent is the looting

let's put it this way. In the past, we basically "brush our faces" when taking the goods. Regular customers say hello in advance, say how much they want, and then pay 30% of the payment when delivering the goods. Even the paper factory will pay you in advance and settle it within a month or two. Not now. You can't get the goods if you pay 30% or even 50% of the payment in advance. You must pay the money and pick up the goods at the same time. Some second tray merchants want to card the node and pay the deposit the night before the price adjustment of the paper factory. You think you are very stable. As a result, the ordering impact of the goods, the damaged quality and the corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by the computer. The order quantity has already exceeded the supply quantity. When it is your turn to ship your goods, the price will rise again. So now we take all the goods in full, not in full, and we can't grab paper at all

the soaring price of paper and the shortage of supply, Hangzhou "second plate merchants" rent production lines in Shandong to produce and sell their own products.

the rise in the price of paper raw materials does not seem obvious to ordinary consumers. In fact, taking the toilet paper and other household goods paper we use every day as an example, the retail price has also increased by oneortwo cents, but we usually don't pay much attention to it. In terms of profit base, this increase is not small

the most obvious evidence is the financial report. Look at the statements of each paper mill last year, the profits are very high. Some people in the industry attribute the originator of this wave of price rise to the paper mill, and hope the state to regulate it. I agree very much. Business is business, and the paper mill only takes advantage of the trend at most. A few years ago, when the profits of paper mills were as thin as paper, no one complained about them. It was normal for them to earn a little in the past two years. If a business only loses money, who else will do it? In fact, since the second half of 2016, the prices of almost all bulk commodities have been rising, and paper is only one of them. Because it was too weak before, the outbreak seemed a little "out of control"

in fact, some time ago, there were "two plate merchants" in Hangzhou who had already teamed up with small and medium-sized paper mills in Shandong to rent production lines and produce their own paper. The production capacity of small and medium-sized paper mills is not so large. They rent production lines, provide pulp channels, and the second disc merchants produce and distribute themselves. Although there are few choices of paper varieties and specifications, the paper price can be controlled by themselves and is relatively stable. There is no way to do this without looking at others' faces

printers sell equipment, paper traders reduce inventory, and the price rise is weak.

will this wave of price rise continue? We are also discussing these days. Personally, I am not optimistic about it, because the supply and demand chain of the market is already changing

my friends are divided into two groups. A group of people engaged in printing business have been selling equipment continuously since last year. Most of them receive foreign orders. Global bidding. The rising cost is your problem. Party A will not accept your quotation for this reason, and the price of foreign paper raw materials has not increased significantly. That is to say, your competitors can make money after receiving the same order, and you can make a lot of money if you do one more order. If you don't accept it, the old customers will run away from the order, which is also a self breaking way. The demand of the printing factory decreases, and the price rise is also weak. Another group, like me, in the paper business, made a lot of money by hoarding goods last year, and they dare not hoard more this year

I just rented a warehouse with an area of more than 2000 square meters. Recently, the price of white cardboard has fallen a little. I didn't make any money from the stock, but lost 200000. However, in the next order, I ordered the goods from foreign paper mills, because now the insertion breakpoint ratio of white cardboard in the market and the price of waiting for the test interface have been inverted. Even if the tariff and other miscellaneous expenses are added to the white cardboard imported from abroad, the final cost is about 20% cheaper than that of domestic paper mills. The only disadvantage is that you need to cut it yourself. For those with small profits and quick turnover like me, it's better to move in and out quickly, and make more capital turnover. The final profit system protects the corresponding URL, and mobilizing s run is not much different from their hoarding, and the risk is small

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