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Paper prices are tumbling up! India Association appeals: do not do price booster, do not do high price takeover man

release date: Source: China Publishing radio and television news

printing enterprises should stay together, change competition to competition and cooperation, and improve their bargaining power

compared with the traditional off-season of the paper industry from February to march in previous years, this year is quite restless. If the wave of rising paper prices before the Spring Festival is still limited to the hot debate in the industry, then after the Spring Festival, when all kinds of price increase letters are rampant, with the strong voice of CPPCC members on investigating the rise of paper prices, this topic has once again been pushed to the forefront of public opinion

the tide of rising paper prices swept through, affecting the hearts of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The paper mill said that the sharp rise in the price of raw materials made the price rise a last resort. Printing mills and local printing associations believed that this time there was a suspicion of price rise, and the industry called for an investigation of the real reason for this surge. Why is this "drama" of tumbling paper prices staged in the traditional off-season of March in the paper industry? China Publishing radio and television news interviewed relevant people

voice of doubt: the continuous increase in the short term is "unprecedented"

in less than a quarter of the beginning of the year, the price of paper has been raised twice, spanning the Spring Festival, and has continued to rise

Tan Yue and pan Kaixiong, members of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, brought this issue to this year's two sessions. Their joint proposal shows that white cardboard has led the rise rapidly since June 2020. In January this year, the price of conventional white cardboard has risen rapidly from 5400/ton at the bottom to 7700/ton. At the end of January and the beginning of March, the price of white cardboard took off again, with an astonishing increase

especially in March. According to the interview, on March 1, the white cardboard of Shandong Chenming, Shandong Bohui and Wanguo paper industry increased by 1000/ton. On March 3, the tax inclusive reference price of mainstream brand white cardboard was raised to about 10010/ton, an increase of nearly 100%

during this period, cultural paper rose strongly, and also "one letter and two rises", Liu Shixuan believed. From February to March, the impact testing machine of cultural paper head enterprises such as sun paper, Chenming Paper and Huatai Paper will be relatively simple in normal use. The price of double offset paper and coated paper will be raised twice, and the quotation of double offset paper in March has reached 7000-8000/ton. We believe that in the previous interview, Yi Lankai, deputy general manager of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd., said that cultural paper has gradually increased since last August

the paper industry is "rising", but such a sustained rise in a short time seems to have never occurred. In the joint proposal of more than 30 CPPCC members with Hu Dezhao, chairman of Guangzhou Baiyun Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., as the first sponsor, the sharp rise in paper prices was named, ranking second in the domestic bulk commodity price rise list with a 50% increase. "Crazy jump", "unprecedented" and "strong impact" are all complaints of the proposal against the rise of raw materials, including paper prices

for a while, printing associations all over the country also raised doubts about the rise in paper prices. Bio based high molecular materials take renewable resources as the main raw materials. From February to March, printing associations in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and other places have launched local and even cross regional linkages in the form of research and discussion, and this rise in paper prices represents the industry

Xu Lisheng, executive deputy director of the publishing and Printing Committee of the Beijing Printing Association and deputy general manager of the chemical industry press, told them that they had previously convened the relevant heads of 22 publishing houses, including Beijing Publishing Group and Beijing Normal University Press, to discuss "the recent sharp rise in paper prices that has never occurred in history in a short period of time", believing that this is an irrational surge in paper prices in a short period of time

around the paper topic discussed by the printing association of "one city, two provinces" in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, luyouhai, executive vice president of the Shanghai Printing Industry Association, said that this phenomenon needs to be highly concerned and cannot be allowed to grow savagely and spread willfully

in the discussion on paper price rise organized by the printing associations of Hunan, Hubei and Guangdong provinces on March 19, Huang Chunlei, executive chairman of Wuhan printing industry association and chairman and general manager of Wuhan Xinxin Digital Color Printing Co., Ltd., and Wang housong, chairman of Jingzhou printing industry association and chairman of Jingzhou Jinyin Printing Co., Ltd., even believed that the irrational price rise of paper was no less than the new "economic epidemic"

voice of contention: is there any suspicion of price monopoly

the industry is shocked by the rise in paper prices, which is more than several consecutive rounds of increases and surprisingly consistent increases

in response to the rising paper price, major paper mills such as Taiyang paper, Chenming Paper and Huatai Paper have given explanations in their frequent price increase letters - "the cost of raw materials represented by wood pulp has risen sharply", "the cost of bulk materials and raw materials has risen" and "the operating cost has risen sharply". In their statement, the cost push was the main reason for the price rise

in the "price rise factor analysis and market trend prediction" briefing released by the solar research institute in early February, it was also pointed out that the rising costs of pulp, coal, latex, starch and energy triggered this round of paper price rise. Especially after September 2020, the global pulp price trend has rebounded, and continues to this day

"in the production cost of paper, the pulp consumed in production can account for about 60% Liu Ke, vice president and Secretary General of Jiangsu paper industry association, analyzed that, for example, a paper mill imports 500000 tons of broad-leaved pulp every year. If the average price of pulp rises by $100/ton, the annual cost of the paper mill will exceed 300million yuan

from the price trend of pulp futures on Shanghai Stock Exchange, the price of pulp futures began to soar after October 2020, reaching 7652/ton in March this year, an increase of nearly 76%

the rise in the price of raw materials such as paper mills and pulp has triggered the paper mills to raise the price of paper, which is a last resort. However, the downstream publishing and printing industry that conducts its price reflects considerable cost pressure

Xu Lisheng made an account. The direct printing cost of books includes printing and packaging fees and paper fees. The paper cost is generally 50% - 60% of the direct printing cost. Among them, the paper cost of publishers with large printing numbers, such as textbook agencies, is higher than the cost of typesetting and packaging, accounting for about 3:2. However, the paper cost and typesetting cost of publishing houses with a small number of prints are close to 1:1. Based on the 30% increase in double offset paper and coated paper, the direct cost of printing a book will rise by 15% - 18%

this is how the cost of a Book increases, not to mention those large quantities of teaching materials and teaching aids. According to the research meeting on abnormal price rise of paper organized by Hunan printing association on March 17, the continuous rise of paper price has a great impact on teaching aids of Hunan textbooks. According to statistics, Zhongnan publishing and media group has a total of about 100000 tons of teaching aid paper for teaching materials in the whole year. If the paper price rises by 2000/ton, it will directly increase the paper cost by 200million, which will make the teaching aid publishing of teaching materials fall into a large loss. If the price of teaching aids and student reading materials is raised unilaterally to stabilize the cost, the increased cost will be transferred to students and parents, which will have a negative impact on the society

in fact, both printing associations and printing enterprises understand the objective rise in paper prices caused by the rise in the price of raw materials, but this time they are more inclined to "irrational subjective surge in the short term", believing that they are suspected of raising prices together

in the report issued by Shanghai Printing Industry Association, it specially analyzes the "rising" factors of leading varieties of white cardboard, that is, the leading enterprises ranking in the top two domestic white cardboard production capacity have achieved mergers and acquisitions, significantly improving the market concentration of white cardboard, accounting for more than 50% of the market share in total. The following two companies account for about 30% in total, and the three companies account for about 80% in total

"they have mastered the market pricing power, and there is room for monopoly and price control." Liangxiaoke, Executive Secretary General of Longgang printing and packaging industry association, told that the control of leading enterprises and the rise of dealers had aggravated this round of paper price rise. Among them, paper dealers are reluctant to sell, which objectively contributed to the chaotic rise of terminal prices, and even caused the panic of the "last mile" of the market

appeal: limit irrational price rises and strictly prevent hoarding and hoarding

"such a rapid and substantial price rise makes it difficult for the pressure of price rise to be quickly transmitted to the downstream, and the profits of the industry are wiped out, and the losses of the industry are expanded." "The survey found that only 20% of customers can accept the product price adjustment, 60% - 70% of customers say they can't accept it, and 20% of customers directly give up cooperation, which directly leads to the survival crisis of printing enterprises"... In this time of paper price rise, printing enterprises in the middle of the industrial chain have become "sandwich biscuits", which is unbearable

investigate the reasons for the sharp rise in paper prices! This is not only the appeal of CPPCC members, but also the aspiration of local printing associations and the majority of printing enterprises. Zhou Yitao, executive vice president of Hubei Printing Association and chairman of Wuhan XINHONGYE Printing Co., Ltd., hopes that the state and industry will intervene to investigate the real situation of the so-called rise in raw materials of white cardboard enterprises, and impose heavy penalties on enterprises that maliciously raise prices. The India Association of "one city, two provinces" in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang unanimously expressed the hope that relevant government departments would pay attention to the severe situation of the industry, regulate upstream enterprises, enhance self-discipline awareness and operate in accordance with the law. The printing associations of Hunan, Hubei and Guangdong provinces plan to jointly submit a written report to the regulatory authorities, hoping to investigate the real reasons for the sharp rise in paper prices and maintain the order of the industry

in this special period, in addition to reflecting difficulties to government departments at all levels and getting support, it has also become the consensus of the industry to maintain the necessary rationality and calm of the industrial chain and to cooperate for mutual benefit

local printing associations have given targeted suggestions. On the basis of the printing enterprises' self-cultivation of internal skills, adjustment of business strategies, dynamic adjustment of inventory and improvement of management ability, the publishing and Printing Committee of Beijing printing association suggested that major publishing houses: "on the premise of ensuring the continuous production of books, they should purchase rationally on demand, avoid panic and blind hoarding of paper, do not act as a booster of paper price rise, and do not act as a 'Catcher' of high priced paper."

the printing association of "one city, two provinces" in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang believes that the printing industry should explore and establish a cross regional, shared paper procurement and supply system in line with the law of market economy as soon as possible, actively and jointly respond to the changes in the paper market and change the current situation of passive response

the printing associations of the three provinces of Hunan, Hubei and Guangdong believe that the more dispersed printing enterprises should stay together, change competition to competition and cooperation, improve their bargaining power, grasp a certain voice, and work together to tide over the difficulties

paper price fluctuations affect industrial development and people's livelihood. As of press time, the paper price is still high and the market has not changed greatly. This newspaper will continue to follow up and pay attention to this topic

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