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Hongliusha shell airport security inspection embarrassed

use flowing liquid in the back design of the shell to create a dynamic "liquid quicksand shell", which is quietly popular in the circle of friends because of its fashion and beauty. However, the visit found that such shells hide some "troubles"

carrying quicksand shells was required to be checked by the airport

a few months ago, Ms. Wang bought a "liquid quicksand shell" with a price of about 500 yuan. The thickness of the back of the shell is about 1 cm, which contains liquid and decorations. As the liquid shakes, the decorations will also fluctuate. But this red shell has caused her some "trouble" recently

recently, Ms. Wang and her family finished their trip and took a flight from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport to fly back to Beijing. "During the security check, I took out the shell with liquid quicksand and put it next to the computer. After passing the security check machine, the staff picked up my shell and looked at it separately, and then told me that the shell should be checked separately."

the shell that was "stopped" during security inspection

Ms. Wang asked the staff why she checked the shell, and the other party said, "there is unknown liquid in the shell." Ms. Wang explained that her quicksand shell was produced by regular manufacturers and would not be easily damaged, and the liquid would not leak out. However, the staff table ⑥ can detect the shear modulus G value and yield point of the test piece τ s. Upper yield point τ Su, lower yield point τ SL, torsional strength τ B et al. Showed that they had done relevant tests and (liquid quicksand shell) could not be brought on the plane. Because there was no suitcase to check, Ms. Wang finally chose to send her shell back to Beijing by express

"why only Chengdu needs to be checked?" Ms. Wang was puzzled. After all, the life cycle cost of her graphene cable may be lower than that of traditional products. She said that she also carried liquid quicksand shells when taking flights in Beijing, Shenzhen, Anshan and other places, but was not required to check them. "Are the management regulations of airports different?" Ms. Wang raised questions. In addition, she pointed out that she didn't know about the problem that quicksand shells may need to be checked in when buying products

some merchants admitted that they could not take them on the plane

others said that they could take

sellers to sell quicksand products. The problem of shipping was avoided.

random search on the shopping platform found that many stores and merchants were selling liquid quicksand shells, iPad shells, satchels and other products. Among them, quicksand shells are the best-selling ones, with prices ranging from 19.9 yuan to hundreds of yuan

when introducing the liquid quicksand shell, many businesses said that the product uses a "high-strength back cover panel", which can be "leak proof". Many businesses also mentioned in the "precautions for use" that problems such as slow movement and blockage of liquid bubbles and quicksand in the shell are "normal phenomena" and "will not cause oil leakage, so you can use it with confidence". It was noted that most businesses did not remind whether the product could be brought on the plane and whether it needed to be checked on the details page

ask a number of businesses at random, what is the liquid used in this kind of shell, and whether they can take it on the plane. Some businessmen said frankly that "it's mineral oil inside", so "you can't take it on the plane". However, some businesses said that "(take it on the plane) is no problem". Many other businesses deliberately avoided this problem, saying only that they "didn't know" or "didn't meet the buyer to reflect this problem"

but a shopkeeper told me that most of the popular liquid quicksand shells on the market now use water and mineral oil, and all the machines can't work normally. "Because pure quicksand can't make the shell flow, for the sake of beauty, this liquid will be added to the quicksand shell.". However, the shopkeeper said that the shell is not completely dangerous when used. "The oily liquid inside may be flammable. In addition, some products with poor quality or improper use may cause the liquid to flow out, and the skin may be burned in case of high temperature.". The shopkeeper speculated that this may also be the reason why some liquid quicksand shells cannot be brought on the plane

shell shipping requirements are interpreted differently by airports.

the search found that the Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that passengers taking domestic flights in China can carry a total of no more than 1 liter of liquid goods (excluding alcohol) each time, and the excess must be delivered. Liquid goods must be unpacked and checked before carrying

with regard to Ms. Wang's experience and questions, call many airports such as capital International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport

for the liquid quicksand shell, the staff of Capital International Airport and Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport said that the security inspection of domestic flights is relatively strict. If liquid goods are involved, it needs to be judged by the security inspector on site before giving an accurate answer

the staff of the security inspection department of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport said that the quicksand shell contains liquid, "whether it is water or mineral oil, it is not allowed to be brought on the plane, and it needs to be checked"

the security staff of Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport said that quicksand shells are different from cosmetics and other liquids, "they need on-site inspection. If they are small and can't be taken out, they may be taken on the plane"

for the situation that the security inspection department of each airport has different attitudes towards sand shells, call the Civil Aviation Administration of China as a passenger to inquire about this matter

the staff explained, "according to the regulations, when passengers take the flight, the liquid items such as cosmetics and drugs should not be more than 100 ml per item, and the total amount should not exceed a certain amount. Other liquids such as water, toilet water and yogurt cannot be carried with them."

but the staff said that as for the quicksand shell, it is impossible to judge the nature of the liquid in the shell from the appearance, "If it is flammable and explosive liquid, it is dangerous, so generally speaking, the airport security inspection department will strictly check and require passengers to check it. However, because the shell is small, the liquid in it will not exceed 20ml, and the sealed state will not be spilled. Some airport security inspection may decide that there is no potential safety hazard and will let passengers carry it. But quicksand iPad shell and backpack shell, which are large in volume, must be checked." 。

however, the staff reminded passengers that in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is recommended that passengers should try not to carry items such as quicksand shells and iPad shells with them when taking flights, and pay attention not to spill them when checking in

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