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E-mail speed up Ding Lei layout force mobile Internet

on the evening of November 12, Ding Lei, CEO of e-mail, did not forget to give instructions to relevant personnel during the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, "the launch of mobile Internet products should be stepped up"

just the day before (November 10), Yi announced that it would speed up 320million free mailbox users in its three major mailbox businesses and fully open IMAP (Internet Mail Access Protocol, similar to that P Youyan Technology Group Co., Ltd. will further study OP3 with the production unit, which is more advanced than the latter) services. The new services will be more than 10 times faster than the original

imap is specially optimized for email clients on iPhone, Android and Symbian platforms, and e-mail for iPad is also specially launched. According to Mo Zirui, deputy director of e-mail business department, the biggest advantage of IMAP service is that various operating terminals are synchronized, and it is completely in line with the development trend of cloud computing. Yi has quietly taken the mailbox business as the breakthrough of its mobile Internet strategy

according to the data of China Internet Information Center, by the end of June, the number of civilian households had reached 277million, rising to two-thirds of all citizens. CICC predicts that the number of mobile Internet users will exceed 800million in 2015, with a 5-year compound growth rate of 20%, and the industrial scale will reach 100billion yuan (a 5-year compound growth rate of 39%)

as early as two years ago, the Internet strategy of easy mobile was quietly laid out. In September, 2008, Yi became the "Internet content and station service sponsor" of the Guangzhou Asian Games. In addition to taking advantage of the marketing promotion of the sponsors of the Asian Games, Yi also aims to take advantage of the Guangzhou Asian Games to lay out mobile Internet

a person close to CEO Ding Lei of Yi disclosed to Caixin that the Internet strategy of Yi mobile was supervised by Ding Lei and operated by a large cross departmental team integrating multiple departments. E-mail bears a major mission and will be the core and cornerstone, while IMAP will become a breakthrough

Ding Lei believes that telecom operators are responsible for building highways. When users are on the road, they will choose the traditional network portal to launch the system network application. In Ding Lei's plan of using an average of two lunch boxes per order, Yi is a very dedicated telecom value-added service provider, constantly improving products driven by consumer demand in the Internet field

e-mail was officially launched in March this year, and the product was laid out by Ding Lei himself, which is considered to be an advance team for e-mail to enter the mobile Internet. According to an unnamed source within e-mail, at present, e-mail has begun to have close contact with manufacturers and browsers

in the recruitment information of e-commerce official website, Caixin found that there are positions including Symbian application, windows mobile application, client development is not a stress component, wireless Internet application development, wireless business development engineer, etc. The above-mentioned Yi people said that Yi will take more follow-up actions in mobile Internet business

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