The hottest Nestle infant food packaging

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Nestle infant food packaging

in France, the majority of users are also welcome to visit our new high-performance plastic factory. In the product market, if plastic containers are used for packaging, safety, nature and health are very important factors. The challenge faced by manufacturers is to design a device that can attract infants and children. 11) the maximum spacing between the lower fixture and the upper fixture should be no less than 700mm; Our parents also have microwave heating, light weight and no inconvenience to our customers. Please support the fragile packaging. The packaging made of polypropylene/vinyl alcohol/polypropylene by CO extrusion by EDV company has won the unanimous recognition of the review experts. It uses DuPont's bynel adhesive as the bonding layer, which can resist the high temperature of the sterilization process, making the shelf life of the product up to 12 months

from the perspective of design, food is placed in flower shaped or other similar containers, which is very attractive to infants and parents, with a natural feeling. The top cover is a tearing barrier film, which is easy to open

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