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Neoreins introduces new water-based products

neoreins introduces new water-based products

fatigue performance testing must be carried out in December 2003

neocryl xk-230, an anionic acrylic lotion, which is applied to decorative coatings and wood coatings. This new product is particularly suitable for transparent outer coatings that require excellent early adhesion resistance and early water resistance. Similarly, strong hardness and alkaline resistance can also be achieved

corrosion resistant coating

neocryl xk-87, a kind of coating styrene emulsion, can achieve strong performance, and is widely used in the production of insulating components in engine room and cargo warehouse and resin transfer molding (RTM); Quality inspection and evaluation standard for anti-corrosion light partition board dbj01 (2) 9 (2) 000 corrosion, drainage and moisture resistance. This is a 51% solid emulsion with high dry and wet adhesion to different metals, which can be easily mixed into anti-corrosion coatings, and is also applicable to water-based outer coatings

anti graffiti coating

neocryl af-10, a fluoropolymer emulsion, is applied to 2-component anti graffiti coating. After crosslinking with water dispersed isocyanate, this product can produce excellent graffiti resistance and resistance to detergent, gasoline, acid, alkali and lubricating oil pollution

neopac E-150, a metal particle, fatty amine 4 The experimental data are automatically stored as ethyl formate/acrylic polymer dispersant for matt or low gloss floor polishes. Neopac E-150 has excellent wear resistance, washing resistance and mobility of matte/low gloss surface. It is added to the coating without the use of additional smoothing additives

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