The hottest nest building and talent introduction

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Recently, it was learned from the Organization Department of the Eastern District Party committee that the high stress concentration formed by strengthening policy incentives to attract talents and building an enterprise talent training platform in the eastern district can make the samples locally sheared or crushed, and replace the reducer oil to increase talent recruitment and cultivation, We will strengthen the innovation capacity of enterprises and the driving force for sustainable development, and promote high-quality economic development

build a talent introduction platform. The Eastern District has fully implemented the "Zhihui Eastern District" talent project and issued the "several policies for Eastern District to encourage and promote scientific and technological innovation", encouraging enterprises to build new engineering technology centers, R & D centers and key laboratories on the basis of standardizing and improving existing innovation platforms, focusing on the major strategies and industrial transformation and upgrading needs of the Eastern District, and selecting and attracting technological innovation, scientific research, scientific and technological management More than 80 outstanding talents from 11 sub projects, including science and technology intermediary services

build a talent training platform. The Eastern District has continuously improved the incubation system, carried out in-depth cooperation with 18 universities and scientific research institutions, such as Tsinghua University and Pangang Research Institute, spared no effort to build the Olympic mass entrepreneurship and innovation center and Gaoliangping science and technology small business incubation base, introduced cutting-edge incubators, and comprehensively provided more than 160 services, such as project packaging planning, financing guarantee, license handling, etc. Jinan experimental machine factory, formerly known as Jinan material experimental machine factory. Up to now, 6 "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" incubation carriers have been built, with an incubation area of more than 10000 square meters

build a talent service platform. The Eastern District firmly grasped the hot spots of talent management, scientific research transformation, children's education, logistics support and other talents, implemented project awards and financial subsidies by classification, introduced one academician and two doctors, and issued more than 10 million subsidies for various types of innovation and entrepreneurship. It took the lead in completing the reform of administrative examination and approval, with more than 30% of the project approval process in advance, and promoted projects involving interconnection 67 high-end talent innovation and entrepreneurship projects in new energy and other industries have been successfully implemented

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