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Net open source! The developer circles all over the world suddenly burst into flames. The author immediately logged in to CSDN to comment and was immediately drowned by the war of words of countless programmers. Recently, Microsoft announced Net development environment open source plan, developers can develop on other platforms other than windows. Net applications, and Microsoft promises to provide these platforms Net application running environment and framework support

in those lively programmer circles and forum communities, around. Net open source news, the debate between coders has escalated to Java and. Net developers, and even extended to the battle between Linux and windows on the server side. Some long depressed Microsoft die hard. Net programmers who make a living even shout the slogan of Java die

. What does net open source mean? Why is this news like a blockbuster for developers? What impact will it have on Microsoft and the industry? With three questions, let's start with the broken things in the programmer world

◆ Java and Net two camps

the development of computer language has experienced the shining of machine language, assembly language, high-level language, C, c++, Java and other leaders in history. Smart primate humans have made programming languages into various easy-to-learn and easy-to-use development tools and development platforms. With these tool platforms, you can code what you want just like building blocks of Gaole, Of course, you have to be able to cut blocks (master the language)

after time evolution, two development camps, Java and Net, simply speaking, the former is a cross platform development tool, which can be developed, run and maintained on different operating systems; The latter is a cross language development platform, which allows the use of multiple programming languages combined with its tools for development, but the development process and application operation can only be realized on the windows platform. The advantages and disadvantages of both are clear at a glance

although Net relies on its father, Microsoft, which is famous for its strong strength and powerful functions. However, in the era of self Internet, especially in the era of mobile Internet, Microsoft adheres to the limitations of Windows platform, which is naturally dominated by smart leak experiment and mobile cross platform Java. However, NADELLA is obviously not a vegetarian Net is open source, which not only supports cross platform development, but also cross platform operation, which makes the advantages of Java virtual machine disappear

◆ driven NADELLA: Net open source has a far-reaching impact on Java

history has proved that open source and commercial software are like two forces that inhibit each other. They are a relationship of ebb and flow, but they will never completely annex the other

over the past decade, Java has complied with the development trend of Internet and won the favor of developers and operators all over the world with its excellent versatility, security and platform portability. First of all, developers and operators should understand the universal experimental machine and accumulate a huge crowd. However, few people know that Java was once endangered by the two-way strangulation from Microsoft and adobe at the beginning of its start. After surviving hard, if the driver is not normal, its real prosperity lies in the arrival of the mobile era, and Android platform has given it broad space and nirvana

nowadays, Java is at its peak in the field of server-side and handheld devices

Google is holding a sharp tool of Java and calling on the open source forces to pursue Microsoft fiercely. These years have really forced Microsoft to rush

the three fires after Microsoft's new boss NADELLA took office made Google understand that they were provoking a slightly injured lion, which was rejuvenating. It has been proved that Microsoft has embraced open source for many years, participated in the contribution of Linux kernel and established an open technology subsidiary, and the open source of Roslyn compiler earlier this year is also its. Net open source plan

even some leaders of the open source community said that they no longer regarded Microsoft as an enemy, and they believed in the future. Net and Java will coexist without interference

◆ NADELLA's plot

we see that a series of measures implemented by NADELLA after taking office have made Microsoft change imperceptibly. The two words "mobile first and cloud first" have been clearly implemented in these days. From office cross platform free to vs cross platform free and the distribution of vs emulator for Android, Microsoft has made a big fuss on cross platform and attracted individual consumers and developers. On the surface, it seems that the car loss baoshuai adopts the strategy of making profits on the windows platform, but in fact, it is secretly playing a big game

as we all know, apple relies on brand premium to sell hardware, and its closed software ecosystem has been criticized by many developers, resulting in the brutal growth of Android

NADELLA seems to see Google's weakness: Although Android has a monopoly in the smart mobile market, an undercurrent of Android de Google is spreading in the industry, that is to say, Google is gradually losing control of Android. At T company allowed the development of UNIX variants to lead to BSD's anti super and dominance is the best example

NADELLA's new strategy is committed to transferring Microsoft's ecological core from windows to azure cloud Net platform is conducive to achieving the penetration of Microsoft's new ecosystem into Android platform, encouraging Android system to continue to grow savagely and accelerating its separation from Google's control

in the future, we may see a large number of high-quality ones. Net applications run on Android and IOS platforms, and all these will be accompanied by the shadow of azure cloud

due to the degradation of rubber and miscellaneous materials, the mold may be stuck.

not long ago, the market value of Microsoft rose to $408.9 billion, ranking second in the world and surpassing Google. We see that Microsoft is gradually stepping out of the thinking dilemma of the PC era and laying out a favorable strategy towards the next wave of mobile wave

it has to be said that after Schmidt and cook, NADELLA is not a simple Silicon Valley manager. That old Bao shouted web developers in a passionate voice! Web Developers! Web Developers! The era of has become a thing of the past, and now Microsoft makes people see the cunning of the gates era

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