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The neighbor's pet cat caught a 6-year-old baby, causing two scuffles, resulting in one death and three injuries

the 6-year-old son was scratched by the cat owned by Li Zhi (a pseudonym) who opened a barber shop next door. Wang Hao (a pseudonym) who learned the news was eager to protect his son. He took his family and friends and a group of six people to Li Zhi barber shop to beat his son. Li Zhi, who was also eager to protect his son, picked up the barber's scissors in the shop and beat him out of the shop with the other party, In less than ten minutes of chaotic fighting, the uncle of the child scratched by the cat was stabbed to death on the spot; The child's father, uncle and grandmother were injured to varying degrees. In the face of the tragedy caused by this "trivial matter", on the morning of the 29th, when the Huaiyin District Court of Huai'an held its third trial of the case, Li Zhi and Wang Hao both said in court that they were trying to protect their children

the cat scratched a paw, causing a tragedy of one death and three injuries

"if his cat hadn't scratched my 6-year-old son, I wouldn't have gone to his store." in the court hearing on the same day, although it had been almost ten months, facing Li Zhi sitting in the dock, He said: "Although the growth of the automobile industry slowed down, Wang Hao, who lost his relatives, seemed very excited. Although he was the victim, the public prosecution authority pointed out in the court that Wang Hao was also at fault when this tragedy occurred. For this, Wang Hao said he was to protect his son.

it turned out that Li Zhi, who opened a barber shop, and Wang Hao, who opened a wedding photography shop, were neighbors. On the afternoon of April 9 last year, Li Zhi put his cat on Wang Hao's 6-year-old son's shoulder, and the cat put the 6-year-old baby's neck There were two scratches on the. Hearing that his son was scratched by Li Zhi's cat, Wang Hao, who was eager to protect his son, rushed to the barber shop and had a quarrel and fight with Li Zhi's son (an adult), but fortunately he was pulled away

originally thought it was all over. Unexpectedly, at about 7 o'clock that night, Wang Hao and his child's uncle, uncle and a group of six people came to Li Zhi's barber shop again to fight Li Zhi's son. Seeing that his son was beaten, Li Zhi, who was also eager to protect his son, picked up the scissors for barber and fought with Wang Hao and others, from inside to outside the barber shop. In the process, Li Zhi stabbed Wang Hao's son's uncle with barber scissors on the spot, and Wang Hao himself, his brother-in-law and his mother-in-law were injured to varying degrees

positive space adjustment: the experimental space is adjusted manually or electrically; When defense turned into intentional injury

"it is suggested that the court impose 13-15 years' imprisonment on Li Zhi for intentional injury." It was noted that when the prosecutor indicted Li Zhi on the charge of intentional injury and put forward the sentencing standard, the family of the deceased in the audience was emotional and shouted, "we want one life for one life."

"in fact, the cause of this tragedy is very simple, that is, the cat scratched the child, but both sides did not rationally solve the problem." In the trial on the morning of the 29th, the prosecutor pointed out that suspect Li Zhi evolved from self-defense to intentional injury, and Wang Hao was also at fault in this tragedy

the prosecutor said that on the afternoon of the crime, Wang Hao entered Li Zhi's barber shop for the first time and was pulled away after a fight with Li Zhi's son. When he left the barber shop, Wang Hao lost a sentence: "I want to abolish your son today." At about 7 p.m. that night, Wang Hao took his relatives and friends into the barber shop to beat Li Zhi's son, causing the two sides to fight. In this process, Li Zhi, who was eager to protect his son, and his son were in self-defense, but after Wang Hao and others who were at a disadvantage ran out of the barber shop, Li Zhi and his son chased out of the barber shop and continued to fight with each other, resulting in a tragedy of one death and three injuries. At this time, Li Zhi's behavior was intentional injury and death

the relatives of both parties caught fire again in the court

in the court hearing on the morning of the 29th, it was noted that in order to prevent conflicts between the relatives of both parties, the court sat the two parties separately and increased the number of bailiffs. Even so, the relatives of both parties were still very convenient to operate in the court

"we ask for one life for one life". When the relatives of the deceased made this request to the court, Li Zhi's son replied on the spot, "I'm waiting for you". Fortunately, many fiery verbal conflicts were stopped in time by the bailiff. The judge almost asked some of the bystander relatives to leave the court. After the two-hour trial, This "will be a TPO type material that can be directly 'cut sewn'. In order to prevent accidents, the bailiff asked the relatives of both parties involved in the audit to leave the court at different times, and the court did not pronounce on the case in court."

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