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Yi Fuxi Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Li Renjie: AI can make games better

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Hangzhou news on November 24, jointly hosted by Hangzhou Municipal People's government and Yi group, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Hangzhou Binjiang District People's government, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's government The "Future Digital Life Forum plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy" of the "2019 easy future conference" organized by Beijing easy Media Co., Ltd. and easy (Hangzhou) network Co., Ltd. was held. Li Renjie, head of easy Fuxi Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, shared the keynote speech of "Ai makes games better"

(source: Hangzhou)

Li Renjie said that games are not monsters, but the easiest way for us to communicate with our partners, and even the most effective means to acquire skills. In addition, the game also promoted the development of cpu/gpu and other hardware, and gave birth to the development of many new modes, such as live broadcast; Games are also the carrier of many new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. "Games have been closely related to our lives. They are not only our personal entertainment, but also indirectly promote the development of society."

Li Renjie said that there may be many answers to how to make future games more fun, but artificial intelligence must be one of them. For example, AI can make the image of games more realistic, talkative and dynamic, improve the experience of players, and even improve the development efficiency of game practitioners

Fuxi AI laboratory was established by a group of partners who love games and AI technology. Its original intention is to use human technology to help game developers improve efficiency and bring revolutionary and innovative experience to players

"cultural and creative industries are the commanding heights of national soft power competition in the 21st century, and they are a very important link for each country to export values and cultural values, but this is still a national weakness at present. We hope to use artificial intelligence to overtake in corners and help cultural output." Li Renjie said

attachment: the following is the speech content of Li Renjie, head of Yi Fuxi Artificial Intelligence Laboratory:

Hello everyone! I'm Li Renjie from Yi Fuxi artificial intelligence laboratory. I'm happy to come to the future conference and think about the future with you. Seeing this title, you don't have to guess that I'm a game enthusiast, indeed. Fortunately, my hobby has also become my work. In the past ten years, I have been engaged in the game industry. I have participated in the development of games before. Maybe you have heard of them, and even many people have played them more or less, including world of Warcraft, League of heroes and so on. So, let's talk about the future of games today

let's take a look at what games are first. Many of you have rarely played some games, but you may have many misunderstandings about games more or less. If I ask you what comes to mind when it comes to games? Maybe the first word you think of is "addiction" and the second word is "krypton gold", but in fact, this is the definition of game in Xinhua Dictionary - "entertainment activities and intellectual or sports activities of some informal Games"

in fact, games are not monsters. Even when we were babies, we sensed the world through small games with our parents. Games may be the oldest way for human beings to get pleasure, it may also be the easiest way for us to communicate with our peers, and even the most effective means to acquire skills. In fact, as a game practitioner, our original intention in playing games is to make everyone's life better through games. We first hope that games can bring happiness to everyone. In fact, every time we see everyone playing games and smiling on their faces, it is our greatest satisfaction

in addition, we hope that the game can bring you a different experience of cleaning the rack of the force measuring parts. This experience is interactive, which is also the difference between the game as the ninth art and other eight arts. The eight major arts include painting, literature, film and television, drama, etc. games are not only reading or appreciation by default, but also a way that you can interact with the environment, with characters, and with other players. Moreover, the feedback of this interaction is timely, which is irreplaceable by any other game

we also hope that when you play the game, you can gain something at the same time. Maybe you get some sense of achievement by completing a challenge, or you gain a new friend in the game. And scientific research has always proved that playing games can improve the cognitive function of the brain

whether it's ancient games, such as Tetris, or "against the current cold", which represents the highest artistic level and production level in China today, their essence is the same. We hope that the game can bring you pleasure, immersive interaction experience and harvest

in fact, games are not only our personal entertainment, but also indirectly promote the development of society. Take hardware for example. Perhaps the most complex application on your computer or computer is games. Every GPU or CPU upgrade must be related to games. If there were no games, the hardware we use now might still be at the level of the past three or five years

in addition, games have also spawned the development of many new models. Just now, we also mentioned live broadcasting in the new species popular logic forum. In fact, the popular live broadcasting mode five or six years ago has driven the red economy, and also spawned a lot of live broadcasting with goods. In fact, the earliest live broadcasting was the birth of games. Including twitch, the world's largest and earliest live broadcasting station, which is all game related up to now. The ancestors of domestic live broadcasting, such as douyu and Huya, all began with live games

in addition, games are also the carrier of many new technologies. For example, deepmind's paper published in nature sparked this wave of artificial intelligence, but in fact, that paper is about teaching computers how to play alpha star games with deep neuron networks. After each deepmind algorithm upgrade, even some revolutionary new experiences are all related to the game. For example, recently, alpha star has grown into the highest level player in human beings in StarCraft. At the same time, autonomous driving companies in full swing now also begin to use games as a carrier, because obtaining data in real scenes is very risky and expensive. Therefore, the game naturally provides a closed training link, which allows you to get data very quickly, and then carry out more efficient training

therefore, games have been closely related to our lives. They are our personal entertainment and indirectly improve our whole society

what will the future games look like? What can we do to make the game better, so that the game can make our world better. There may be many answers, but artificial intelligence must be one of them

for example, artificial intelligence can make the image in the game more realistic. It may take an artist five or even ten years of training to become a very good artist and draw very realistic paintings. And when he is really a big artist, he also needs to do very high-quality creation. Why don't we use artificial intelligence to help it? These are eight lifelike faces, but none of them are real people. These are the faces that AI learns from thousands of face photos and generates by itself. This also represents NVIDIA's most advanced 2D face generation technology at present. We also creatively apply this technology to the game and upgrade it from 2D to 3D. This is also the first time in the world to realize the function of intelligent face pinching in the game, in the adverse water and cold. In other words, players can upload their own photos. We can not only generate 3D images from your 2D photos, which are similar to your appearance and distribution, but also conform to the settings of the game. You can imagine the future games. Everyone can play games with their own image, and it will be a very interesting thing to really achieve thousands of people and thousands of faces

after you have an image, we hope the characters in the game can still talk. Let's take a look at the level of artificial intelligence natural language processing technology in the world at present. This is a demo released by Google at the developer conference. It is AI to make an appointment for a haircut. On the right is Tony from the hair salon, and on the left is AI. (video) so this video left a very deep impression on everyone at that time, especially the last sentence "mm HMM" is vivid, but it still can't meet the game's demand for natural language. Because you have used the intelligent voice assistant or smart speaker in it, but you find it is a cold tool, which will not make people feel that this is a real person. Maybe no one has chatted with the smart speaker for an afternoon. But in the game, every character has character setting or character design, so the game has higher requirements for natural language processing, the first of which is personalized and personalized

we have tried natural language processing with human settings, and put it into the intelligent child system in the mobile game "ghost of a beautiful girl". Every child is different, and according to how you cultivate this effect, he can also grow into different personalities, which can be domineering president type, funny, cute, humorous and warm. Every child will say different things according to how you cultivate him. If you are interested, you can experience it in the mobile game "ghost of a beautiful woman"

after having an image and being able to speak, we hope that he will also speak more like a person. You may have seen many cartoons or Hollywood blockbusters, in which the characters are lifelike, but the technology of mobile capture is used, that is, an actor stands here in a tight suit, with a lot of markers on his face and body. We will capture his facial movements and body movements to migrate to the image that will not move, so that the image can move. This process can indeed achieve very good results, but it costs money, time and labor, so we wonder whether we can use artificial intelligence technology to help this process. As long as we give a text or a voice, the virtual image can perform automatically. You can see that this is our attempt. On the left is the synthetic result of artificial intelligence, and on the right is the real effect of mobile capture. You can see the difference. There may be some subtle differences, but if I cover the above two lines and don't tell you which is artificial intelligence synthesis and which is performed by the actors themselves, you may not see it, because we have passed the Turing test. We think this method can greatly improve the efficiency of mobile capture

so we just said that we have an image. Image AI can make the image more realistic and make the characters talk. Naturally, we hope

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