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Red ice cream exposes quality problems again. How can enterprises strengthen quality management

[place of packaging and printing industry] recently, Guangdong Province has a variety of plastics to choose from. The regulatory bureau announced 15 batches of unqualified food, including 3 batches of frozen drinks (mainly ice cream and popsicles), involving microbial pollution. The unqualified items are the total number of colonies. What methods can improve the accuracy of universal testing machine coliform. The hot weather is the hot season for ice cream. But recently, many ice cream have been found to have quality problems, which has sounded the alarm of food safety for production enterprises. So, how should ice cream production enterprises prevent potential food safety hazards

relevant data show that the market size of the national frozen food industry, including ice cream, exceeds 800billion yuan. Among them, the total volume of China's ice cream market reached 123.937 billion yuan, and the production and sales volume reached 5.0642 million tons. Especially since last year, the fire of red ice cream has led to the rise of many red ice cream brands, but the frequent quality problems have also made consumers express dissatisfaction

the colony index in food is an important indicator of the degree of food cleanliness. Ice cream is frequently exposed, and the total number of colonies exceeds the standard, which will cause a crisis of confidence for consumers in the ice cream industry. Therefore, it is a test of the quality of food production for ice cream producers who only send directors to be responsible for underwriting affairs

in order to avoid food safety problems, production enterprises should strictly inspect the production links. For example, the cleanliness of production equipment during production, the health and safety of operating staff, the completeness of sterilization equipment, the mode of storage and transportation, etc., are all important factors that will cause food safety to fail to meet the standard. It is also the responsibility of every production factory to ensure that these links do not go wrong

CIP cleaning system can be used when cleaning production equipment. CIP cleaning system can apply heating energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy and other energy to the equipment without decomposing the production equipment, realize the cleaning of machinery and equipment, and control microorganisms. Compared with traditional methods, CIP cleaning station has low operation cost and saves operation time, labor and cleaning water. It is precisely because the equipment does not need to be disassembled, which can reduce the probability of secondary pollution of the equipment

the health and safety of operators need the help of the air shower room, which sprays the clean air flow filtered by the high-efficiency filter from all directions to the body from the rotatable nozzle, so as to effectively and quickly remove dust particles, so that the staff can ensure a clean state when entering the production workshop. When building the air shower room, enterprises should not only design according to the number of staff, but also choose different degrees of cleanliness according to the processing needs of the workshop, so as to save time and ensure cleanliness at the same time

in addition, the production enterprises should also improve the sterilization equipment in the production process according to the provisions of the ice cream product implementation standard gb/t "frozen beverage ice cream" and the mandatory standard GB "national food safety standard frozen beverages and ingredients", so that the total number of colonies reaches the national regulations. We should also isolate the pollution from the outside world through high-quality packaging, and use cold chain logistics for storage and transportation to avoid safety pollution in the circulation process

it is understood that the relevant departments said that in the future, they will focus on the production and sterilization process of ice cream by increasing sampling inspection, so that consumers can eat at ease. For ice cream production enterprises, we need to strictly inspect the production process, strengthen quality management, improve the insufficient parts in production, avoid food quality and safety problems, and make consumers feel at ease

original title: how can enterprises strengthen quality management when red ice cream re exposes quality problems

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