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Ketian cloud's overall collaboration solution helps Xinda to innovate biopharmaceutical drugs and strengthen collaboration

recently, the high-profile medical insurance negotiation has frequently brushed the screen. Under the auspices of the medical insurance bureau, the medical insurance drug catalog negotiation has been fully completed, but the final result still needs to be announced by the medical insurance bureau. Industry insiders believe that the logic of cutting the friendly price, high-quality and clinically urgently needed varieties' access to the reimbursement catalogue is also likely to be a shortlisted innovative drug

Cinda biopharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical enterprise listed on the main board of Hong Kong stock exchange. It has a product chain including 21 new drug varieties, covering many disease fields such as tumor and metabolic disease. Innovation is the key word of Cinda biopharmaceutical. Many drugs have been selected into the national major new drug creation projects. Cindilimab injection became the only PD-1 inhibitor listed in the new national medical insurance catalogue in November, 2019

based on the products of independent innovation, Xinda biopharmaceutical has established a high-end biopharmaceutical development and industrialization talent team with international advanced level. The R & D process of prescription drugs is complex, and there is a need for multi regional and even transnational cooperation. Pharmaceutical enterprises attach great importance to the ease of use, security and stability of video conferencing to ensure that experts can be connected smoothly when communicating with doctors. Because of the complexity of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical enterprises also have a lot of pre-sales and after-sales explanations on the adjustment methods of the servo motor of the electronic universal machine in the sales training. The cooperation tools should be strongly integrated with the pharmaceutical enterprise system. Cinda biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has high external communication efficiency due to the rapid growth of personnel and market, and the coexistence of multi-party meetings and video conferences. Among them, 30%-40% are transnational conferences, which also have high requirements for conference quality

a conference platform: full functions of audio, video, sharing and collaboration

unified experience: video terminal, PC and unified experience in the conference room

all staff coverage: no matter the conference room staff, mobile office staff or business travelers, they can participate in it

anytime and anywhere collaboration: everyone has his own account, without restrictions, Use

Ketian cloud at any time to provide Xinda biomedicine with a hybrid cloud solution of cloud + end + screen. By using the kty cloud conference management system, the existing video conference equipment in the enterprise can be connected with WebEx meetings to form an overall conference management and use platform that actively marches into the blue ocean of the industry. Users can directly call the resources in the cloud to push the reserved conference number to the video terminal of the corresponding conference room by booking the conference room through e-mail (outlook) and adding WebEx meetings. Participants can join the conference with one click through email, and terminal

page and mailbox plug-ins can book meetings

5 page and mailbox plug-ins can book meetings

5 minimalist one click membership

5 if it is required to take the total extended communication and interaction under great efforts, efficient collaboration

after the deployment of the overall collaboration solution of Ketian cloud, Xinda biomedicine has realized the hybrid access of software and hardware to video conferences, ensuring the high-definition video interoperability and saving bandwidth and costs. For users, the experience has been greatly improved. There is no need to find special it assistance for appointments and meetings. They can make appointments independently and easily realize large-scale video conferencing. Full coverage can be used for mobile office or one click connection with external experts, and external users do not need to have hardware terminals and complex configurations

at present, the domestic innovative drug industry is ushering in an era when the best letters C and o are taken from the English word "collaboration". Stimulating innovation and creating value is also the advantage of collaborative solutions. Try and consult the best video conferencing products and solutions. Please call

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