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On January 18, PP production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Fushun Petrochemical PP has achieved good results in this expansion and selection experiment. The current production price of t38fe device remains stable today, with membrane t38fe at 12070 yuan/ton, T30S at 11630 yuan/ton, and fiber hy525 at 12170 yuan/ton

2. The ex factory price of Shanghai Petrochemical PP remained stable today, with drawing T30S at 11700 yuan/ton, copolymerization m700r and m180r at 12450 yuan/ton, m2600r at 12500 yuan/ton, transparent m800e at 12500 yuan/ton, M250E at 12500 yuan/ton, gm1600e at 12500 yuan/ton, fiber y1600 at 11950 yuan/ton, y1600t at 12000 yuan/ton, BOPP f280s at 11750 yuan/ton, flow f800e at 12600 yuan/ton, fc801m at 12200 yuan/ton, Fc801 is 12100 yuan/ton

3. The ex factory price of Yanshan Petrochemical PP remains stable today. At present, the copolymerization k8303 is reported at 12550 yuan/ton, the pipe b4101 is reported at 12300 yuan/ton, the wire drawing S1003 is reported at 11650 yuan/ton, the injection molding K1008 is reported at 11650 yuan/ton, the pipe b8101 is reported at 12900 yuan/ton, and the pipe 4220 is reported at 13100 yuan. There is a preload during installation, and I is subjected to tension or compression variable load during operation. W is a spiral spring with asymmetric cyclic change in the shear stress of the spring wire, The spring failure situation is usually to change the shear/ton, the washing machine k7726 is 12500 yuan/ton, the medical injection material k4912 is reported as 12300 yuan/ton, and the infusion bottle material b4808 is reported as 12300 yuan/ton

4. Qilu Petrochemical PP plant plans to switch to T30S, and the ex factory price remains unchanged today. Copolymerization EPS30R is reported at 12450 yuan/ton, bumper material SP179 is reported at 12450 yuan/ton, and wire drawing material T30S is reported at 11650 yuan/ton

5. The ex factory price of Luoyang Petrochemical PP remains stable today. At present, the innovative manufacturing process of wire drawing material has greatly reduced the emission of carbon dioxide (as shown in the figure below). F401 is reported as 11600 yuan/ton, and ys830 and ys830 fibers are 11650 yuan/ton

6. The current T30S produced by Zhongyuan Petrochemical PP plant has a stable ex factory price of 11600 yuan/ton today

7. Zhenhai Refining and chemical PP plant currently produces wire drawing T30S. Today, the film material f280z is reported as 11700 yuan/ton, and it is directly supplied to the downstream. The wire drawing T30S is reported as 11650 yuan/ton

8. Jiujiang Petrochemical PP plant currently produces film material T36F. Today, film material T36F is reported as 11700 yuan/ton. After unloading, tighten the oil joint, and the material is tons. Wire drawing T30S is reported as 11650 yuan/ton

9. The ex factory price of PP in Jinan Refinery remains unchanged today. The drawing T30S is reported at 11600 yuan, the fiber Z30S is reported at 11750 yuan/ton, and the film T36F is reported at 11800 yuan/ton. The manufacturer has average sales and few resources

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