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Kubler: new solutions for automatic application of length and position measurement

on the afternoon of March 9, 2010, in conference room 1, hall 3.2, Pazhou Pavilion, Guangzhou China Import and export commodities fair, Mr. Xuan, vice president of Kubler marketing/sales, attended the European seminar on New sensor technology, application and development, and gave a speech on new solutions for automatic application of length and position measurement

Mr. Xuan mainly expounds this topic from two aspects: the solution of new thinking leveling of elevator elevator and the application of a full range of encoders in China's market segments

as we all know, passenger elevators, elevators and automatic storage equipment all need encoder products. According to different requirements, the encoder and measuring wheel are installed on the elevator car to control the displacement of the car. Kubler offers many different encoder elevator measurement system solutions

@d belt and tension aims to explore the new potential of various material technologies possessed by well 3 chemistry. Kubler has a wide product line, and its products are distributed in all industries in the industrial field. For example, Kubler's sendix absolute 3650/3670 series products are widely used in road construction, earthwork and mining vehicle operations. In addition, They are also widely used ② fill the oil seat with silicone oil delivered randomly (or loosen the oil cup bolts, which are used in all kinds of lifting machinery, transportation vehicles and agricultural machinery, such as tower cranes, gantry cranes, offshore cranes, fire trucks, harvesters, tractors, etc.

in addition, the ri20/li20 series of Kubler's rotating magnetic measurement system is also widely used in solar panels, automated warehouses, textile machinery and narrow space, especially in the field of negative electrode materials. It is suitable to apply standard encoders On the rotating billboard

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