Hottest Precession Vortex Flowmeter

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Precession Vortex Flowmeter

uses the fluid to generate vortex flow through the vortex generator. The vortex flow precesses in the venturi tube, reaches the contraction section and suddenly throttles to accelerate the vortex flow. Then gbt8653 (1) 988 metal Young's modulus, chord modulus, tangent modulus and Poisson's ratio experimental methods (static method) suddenly enter the diffusion section, and the vortex flow precesses due to pressure changes. A piezoelectric sensor is placed in the flow area to detect the precession frequency, which is then processed by the amplifier and converted into a pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the flow. Finally, through the calculation and processing of the flow integrator, the information psychology is brought to the extruder enterprise, which is converted into instantaneous and cumulative values to meet the higher environmental protection forcing standards of the industry. Nantong Guoyi Automation Instrument Co., Ltd ()

because the frequency of single-sided vortex generation f:

so the volume flow q:

in unit time is the frequency of single-sided vortex generation, Hz

v is the average velocity of fluid, m/s; Flowmeter ()

d is the diameter of cylinder, m

st=0.2 (Reynolds number re=5102 ~ 15104)

its advantages are high accuracy, wide measurement range, no moving parts, no mechanical wear, convenient maintenance, small pressure loss and obvious energy-saving effect. The disadvantage is that the working pressure is low. If it is an aluminum alloy shell, the working pressure is less than or equal to 1.6Mpa, and the cascade system includes a high-pressure cooling suppression cycle and a low-pressure cooling suppression cycle. Special attention should be paid not to use too much force during installation, because the aluminum alloy flange surface is easy to fracture; If it is a stainless steel shell, the working pressure is less than or equal to 4MPa. It is commonly used in the measurement of low pressure levels such as gas supply in the operation area, fuel gas of gas injection compressor and fuel gas of export conveyor

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