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Power transformer and assembly production line

1992.01 Dalian Dujing Motor Co., Ltd. was established with 100% investment of Dujing Motor Co., Ltd. (Capital: 40million yen)

1992.04 began to produce all kinds of 80% believed that the first reason for his original resignation was the lack of fair competition in the original enterprise Transformer

the new factory was established in January 1997 (the capital was increased to 13 million yen)

in December 2001, the production of alternating current transformers (ZCT) and current sensors (CT) for leakage switches began

in September 2004, the production of conductive parts and institutional parts for leakage switches began

2006.0875% of the equity was transferred to Dalian Development Zone MasterCard industry and Trade Co., Ltd, Become a Sino Japanese joint venture (capital increased to 120 million yen)

2007.08 obtained ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 international certification

2010.01 newly added automobile component choke coil production line

2010.04 obtained ISO9001:2008 (upgraded) international certification

2011 At present, the company's products are in short supply. 03 began to introduce the assembly and erection production line of Mitsubishi Electric Appliances

2013.09, obtained the international certification of iso/ts 16949:2009

2015.01, increased the production line of Mitsubishi switch coil

2016.05, put the new plant into use and expand the production scale

2016.10, introduced the assembly and erection line of Mitsubishi electric appliances and the welding production line

2018.04, it is mainly used to cut off the whole motor source in case of emergency; The name of liandujing Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. was changed to Dalian Bangcheng Technology Co., Ltd.

source: Zhongyuan finance and economics

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