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On January 3, PP production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. The ex factory price of Shanghai Secco PP remained stable. Drawing S1003 reported 12400 yuan/ton, s1003n reported 12300 yuan/ton, copolymerization K8003 reported 12700 yuan/ton, k8003n reported 12600 yuan/ton, fiber s2040 reported 12500 yuan/ton, s2040n reported 12400 yuan/ton, transparent k4912 reported 12700 yuan/ton, k4912n reported 12500 yuan/ton, all of which were sent to the factory. It is convenient to connect with office and other office software

2. One line of Dushanzi Petrochemical PP plant produces wire drawing T30S and the other line produces EPS30R. Today, the ex factory price remains stable. The price of T30S is 11800 yuan/ton, the price of EPS30R is 12600 yuan/ton, and the ex warehouse price of Korla is 50 yuan/ton higher

3. The new PP unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical now produces v30g, and the old unit produces F401. The current price remains stable. F401 is reported at 11900 yuan/ton, and T30S is out of stock

4. The ex warehouse price of PetroChina Huadong PP remained unchanged today, with Daqing T30S reporting 11900 yuan/ton and Fushun Z30S reporting 12250 yuan/ton, out of stock; Daqing T38F reported 11950 yuan/ton, Lanhua j700 reported 12100 yuan/ton, Lanhua v30g reported 12100 yuan/ton, no goods; Casting cp37f reported 12000 yuan/ton, Dushanzi EPS30R was 12700 yuan/ton, and there was no goods; Daqing Refining and chemical EPS30R is 12600 yuan/ton

5. The ex warehouse price of PetroChina Southwest PP remained stable today. At present, Daqing T30S reported 11900 yuan/ton, Lanhua F401 reported 11850 yuan/ton, Daqing Z30S reported 12150 yuan/ton, Lanhua and Daqing v30g reported 12050 yuan/ton, Daqing T38F reported 12200 yuan/ton, langang f500 reported 12100 yuan/ton, Dushanzi EPS30R reported 12550 yuan/ton, and Daqing ept30r reported 12350 yuan/ton

6. The film material t3ff produced by the new device of Dalian organic PP now, and the drawing material T30S produced by the old equipment of 70000 tons/year, the ex factory price remains unchanged today, and T30S is reported at 11760 yuan/ton

7. Yangzi Petrochemical PP plant line a produces F401, line B produces F401, and the new line produces K8003. Today, the ex factory price remains stable. At present, wire drawing F401 is reported at 11900 yuan/ton, s1004 at 11850 yuan/ton, fiber s700 at 12000 yuan/ton, copolymerization j340 and K8003 at 12450 yuan/ton, and BOPP F1002B at 12200 yuan/ton

8. In the process of application, due to the high degree of automation of drawing T30S, the ex factory price of lianxitai PP plant remains unchanged today. At present, T30S yuan/ton, other materials are out of stock, and the fiber Z30S yuan/ton and v30g yuan/ton in the early stage

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