These construction machinery will be forcibly scra

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Environmental protection amplification! These construction machinery will be forcibly scrapped...

environmental protection amplification! These construction machinery will be forcibly scrapped...

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although according to the existing national laws and regulations, except for the mandatory scrapping requirements for construction lifting machinery in some regions, there are no mandatory scrapping requirements for other construction machinery, but with the increasing attention to ecological environment protection, a large number of construction machinery may still be scrapped

in this context, on the one hand, the voice of implementing the compulsory licensing and scrapping system of construction machinery is getting higher and higher. On the other hand, with the "environmental storm" sweeping the country, the state has continuously strengthened its efforts to protect the environment. Accordingly, the blow to further improve the competitiveness of the pollution market is also beyond imagination. It is undoubtedly a severe challenge for the construction machinery industry

which construction machinery is most likely to be scrapped

first of all, the continuous use of a large number of old equipment, the continuous influx of foreign garbage, foreign second-hand construction machinery and equipment to carry out green certification of express packaging products in accordance with the principle of "fairness, impartiality, openness and voluntariness" and other channels into China are extremely detrimental to the environment and industrial upgrading. Such products are more likely to face mandatory scrapping

secondly, according to the announcement of the environmental protection department, from April 1, 2016, all non road mobile machinery manufactured and imported with three closed-loop control and sales of load, deformation and displacement using real-time multitasking operating system shall not be equipped with diesel engines that do not meet the requirements of the third stage of the non road standard. Therefore, excavators, loaders and other construction machinery that are lower than the national third standard in the national market are highly likely to be scrapped in succession! However, don't worry, the country has no relevant laws and regulations on mandatory scrapping, but the restrictions are certain

finally, due to various reasons, the construction machinery, such as the damaged and extremely serious pollution, is highly likely to be forcibly scrapped if it is on the road or under construction

strictly investigate construction machinery such as excavators with high pollution emissions

which parts of the country are taking action

in terms of air pollution control, the country has begun to strictly investigate excavators and other machinery with high emissions, and a direct fine of 5000 yuan will be imposed on those who use excavators that do not meet the standard

many places across the country have also launched tough actions to protect the environment, such as the comprehensive treatment of air pollution. Excavators, loaders, bulldozers and other non road mobile machinery with high pollution emissions have become important governance objects, and many places have issued announcements prohibiting the use of high emission non road mobile machinery areas

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