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PP production and sales dynamics of some enterprises on January 4

1. T30S is currently produced in PP plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company, and the ex factory price remains stable today. T30S of wire drawing material is reported at 11760 yuan/ton, and T38F of film material is reported at 12070 yuan/ton

2. The ex warehouse price of PetroChina Huadong PP remained unchanged today, with Daqing T30S reporting 11900 yuan/ton and Fushun Z30S reporting 12250 yuan/ton, out of stock; Daqing T38F reported 11950 yuan/ton, Lanhua j700 reported 12100 yuan/ton, Lanhua v30g reported 12100 yuan/ton, no goods; Casting cp37f reported 12000 yuan/ton, Dushanzi EPS30R was 12700 yuan/ton, and there was no goods; Daqing Refining and chemical EPS30R is 12600 yuan/ton

3. Fujian United PP plant was shut down for maintenance on December 17, and it is expected to be 45 days. Today's ex factory price remained stable, drawing material T30S was reported at 12100 yuan/ton, and film material T36F was reported at 12100 yuan/ton

4. The new PP unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical now produces v30g, and the old unit produces F401. There are some advanced tension machines on the market. In addition to the above items, the ex factory price today remains stable, F401 is reported at 11900 yuan/ton, and T30S is out of stock

5. The ex warehouse price of PetroChina Huanan PP remained stable today. Daqing T30S reported 12200 yuan/ton, pipe PA14D-1 was one of the six doctors in the company's team of more than 100 people reported 12500 yuan/ton, and other raw materials were out of stock

6. The price of T36F film material currently produced in Jingmen Petrochemical PP plant remains unchanged today. The price of T30S wire drawing is 11800 yuan/ton, and the price of T38F film material is 11880 yuan/ton

7. The current film material T38F produced by Wuhan Fenghuang PP plant has a stable price today. The wire drawing T30S is reported at 11850 yuan/ton, and the film material T38F is reported at 11950 yuan/ton

8. Hunan Changsheng PP device now produces z30s-s, and the ex factory price remains stable today. Injection molding V30 encourages industrial enterprises to strengthen the manufacturing technology research of key components such as high-strength and light-weight body, key assemblies and their precision parts, electromechanical and electric drive systems, G reported 11900 yuan/ton, fiber Z30S reported 11900 yuan/ton, z30s-s reported 11950 yuan/ton, wire drawing T30S reported 11850 yuan/ton, film T38F reported 11950 yuan/ton

9. Yanshan Petrochemical PP unit 1 produces b4912, dimer is shut down for some reason, and trimer produces b8101. The current price remains stable. At present, wire drawing S1003 is reported at 11850 yuan/ton, injection molding K1008 at 11850 yuan/ton, copolymerization k8303 at 12750 yuan/ton, pipe b8101 at 12900 yuan/ton, pipe 4220 at 13100 yuan/ton, b4101 at 12500 yuan/ton, washing machine k7726 at 12800 yuan/ton, medical injection material k4912 at 12500 yuan/ton, infusion bottle material b4808 at 12500 yuan/ton

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