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Azimuth and starface together with Kongres show V at the channel conference. Usually, the detection of pipes will include many contents. Several oip/sip products

azimuth communication is the international leading brand of VoIP communication, and various series of IP phones are displayed in Europa Park rust, Germany. Starface, the partner of azimuth communication, held Kongres on October, 2018. Otherwise, it should hang the ring on the key blade. S conference, gathering important VoIP partners, will discuss the development and future trend of the current VoIP Market, and the weight of Shenzhen aircraft will be accurate to the limit

as one of the most important partners in the field, starface GmbH is a fast-growing company that records and prints experimental data. It is located in Karlsruhe, southwest Germany. With its huge market share in the European VoIP Market, starface is conducting in-depth strategic cooperation to provide the most powerful VoIP system in the entire EU market

together with other starface dealers, fanvil participated in Kongres and showed off X-Series VoIP office, including high-end X6 model with elegant appearance and 60 DSS keys, H-series Hotel IP, call center IP, i-series SIP walkie talkie and access control, and the newly released SIP radio off and sip speaker, which attracted many visitors to stop for consultation and experience

The Kongres conference lasts for two days. The first day is open to all visitors, and the second day is only open to starface partners, so as to have an in-depth discussion on VoIP solutions and cooperation. The salon was held in Europa park to review the achievements of the past year and look forward to the future development together with the excellent partners of starface. Finally, the grand party pushed Kongres to a new climax. Starface delivered a speech at Europa park enterprise dome, thanked all partners and proposed a good strategy. Fanvil has been mentioned many times, including the perfect compatibility of location products and starface servers, which has aroused great interest

starface was a great success for all participants. Starface is doing well in the market. We are very happy to cooperate with fanvil and starface to integrate azimuth products with the system of starface, so as to provide users with a better and convenient VoIP communication experience. Mr. Ao, the marketing and sales director of azimuth communications, said

about starface

founded in 2005, starface GmbH is a manufacturer of IP systems and communication solutions located in Karlsruhe, Germany, and is regarded as a leader in innovation. The product is mainly the starface system based on Linux, which can be used as cloud services, hardware devices and virtual VM edition, and is suitable for companies of all sizes

about fanvil

Shenzhen azimuth Communication Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a well-known developer and manufacturer of communication products. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has two R & D bases in Suzhou and Beijing, forming a perfect R & D, production, sales and service network

azimuth has four product systems: IP business desktop communication terminal, multimedia video terminal, IP Hotel communication terminal and sip integrated communication equipment in security industry. At the same time, the azimuth communication products can be compatible with BroadSoft, asterisk, Avaya, elastix, 3CX and other international mainstream communication platforms. The products have been sold to North America, the European Union, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and other countries and regions

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