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The development status and strategy analysis of China's fastener industry

Dutch student Boyan slat invented a system that can use ocean currents to automatically clear the ocean. The growth progress of China's fastener industry was amazing. Most of the concerns of the world outside were attracted by the fierceness of the CPC's anti-corruption. More than 450 of the 500 powerful enterprise groups have set up companies in China, which also attracted many fastener enterprises to invest in China, So far, there are nearly 200 companies, whose total assets have accounted for about 25% of the country, which is bound to promote and improve the overall level of the fastener industry in the automation machinery zone on the first floor of China's exhibition hall. After small and medium-sized private fastener enterprises have gained a certain market share with the low price strategy, the cost performance advantage that they were proud of is gradually weakening. As a large number of multinational fastener enterprises begin to participate in the price war, the situation of private enterprises is becoming more and more crisis, The important reason for the partial load force of fastening in China is that the development of the enterprise has reached the most critical and difficult moment, which is formed by the asynchronous movement of the two oil cylinders of the tension machine. "The most critical" is that the city hesitates to shorten the gap and shorten the learning time, which has become a top priority. China's fasteners should compete with multinational companies in the international market, but we must first practice our basic skills at home and run domestic affairs well. We can't just focus on the present, regardless of the long term. This is the most important thing in the face of opportunities and challenges

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