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The current situation and Prospect of the development of China's plastic mold industry

on the whole, China's plastic mold has made great progress in terms of quantity, quality, technology and capacity, but compared with the needs of national economic development and the world's advanced level, there is still a big gap. Some large, precise, complex and long-life medium and high-grade plastic molds still need to be imported every year. While the total supply exceeds the demand, some low-grade plastic molds are in oversupply, and the market competition is fierce. Wood plastic materials are closely linked. Some medium-grade plastic molds with low technical content also have a trend of oversupply

add 7. Hydraulic oil: the liquid level of the oil tank must be checked frequently and the oil must be replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing of Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃. Entering the WTO has brought great challenges to the plastic mold industry and more opportunities at the same time. Since China's plastic molds are mainly medium and low-grade products, the price advantage of products is obvious, and some of them are only 1/5 ~ 1/3 of the price of foreign products. After China's entry into WTO, similar foreign products have little impact on China, while the export volume of China's medium and low-grade molds has increased; In terms of high-precision molds, they mainly rely on imports before joining the WTO. After joining the WTO, it not only brings more convenience to the import of high-precision and cutting-edge products, but also promotes more foreign capital to build factories in China, brings foreign advanced mold technology and management experience, and plays a promoting role in cultivating China's professional mold talents

in 2006, the total output value of plastic molds in China was about 30 billion yuan, of which the export volume was about 5.8 billion yuan. According to customs statistics, in 2006, China adopted high-precision, gapless ball screws and timing belts as the guarantee of the accuracy of the transmission system; Imported plastic molds are about 1billion US dollars, about 8.3 billion yuan. It can be concluded that in addition to self-produced and self-used products, in terms of market sales, the total demand for plastic molds in China in 2006 was about 31.3 billion yuan, and the total supply of domestic molds was about 23 billion yuan, with a market satisfaction rate of 73.5%. Among the imported plastic molds, the most are various decorative parts molds for automobiles, various plastic shell molds for household appliances, various injection molds for communications and office equipment, extrusion molds for building materials, and various plastic packaging molds for the electronic industry. Most plastic molds exported are medium and low-grade products. Due to the low price of plastic moulds in China and its strong competitiveness in the international market, the prospect of further expanding exports is very good. In recent years, the average annual growth of exports of more than 50% is a good proof

although the mold export growth rate is greater than the import growth rate in recent years, the absolute increase is still greater than the import, resulting in the mold foreign trade deficit increasing year by year. This situation has improved in 2006, and the deficit has decreased slightly. There are two main reasons for the increase of the foreign trade deficit of molds: first, the sustained and rapid development of the national economy, especially the rapid development of the automotive industry, has brought about a strong demand for molds. Some high-end molds cannot be produced domestically, so they have to be imported; But there are also some molds that can be produced domestically and imported. This is related to China's current tariff policy and project approval system. Second, the export of molds is not encouraged enough. Now, like other mechanical and electrical products, the export tax rebate rate of molds is only 13%, but not 17%

from the perspective of market conditions, plastic mold manufacturing enterprises should focus on developing large, precise, complex and long-life molds with high technical content, and vigorously develop the international market and export molds. With the rapid development of China's plastic industry, especially engineering plastics, it can be predicted that the development speed of China's plastic mold industry will continue to be higher than the overall development speed of the mold industry, and the annual growth rate will remain at about 20% in the next few years

in recent years, Hong Kong funded, Taiwan funded and foreign-funded enterprises have developed rapidly in Chinese Mainland. A large number of self-produced and self-used plastic molds in these enterprises do not have accurate statistical data, so they cannot be included in the above figures

development level and market trend of plastic molds

in recent years, the manufacturing level of plastic molds in China has been greatly improved. Large plastic molds have been able to produce injection molds with a single weight of more than 50t, and the accuracy of precision plastic molds has reached 2 μ m. Small module gear molds with high precision and lamp molds that meet high optical requirements have also been produced. Multi cavity plastic molds have been able to produce plastic packaging molds with 7800 cavities in the first mock examination. In terms of high-speed molds, high-speed plastic profile extrusion molds with an extrusion speed of more than 6m/min and various molds such as double cavity coextrusion, double color coextrusion, soft and hard coextrusion, post coextrusion, recycled material coextrusion and low foaming steel plastic coextrusion of main profiles have been produced. In terms of production means, the NC rate of equipment in mold enterprises has been greatly improved, the application of cad/cae/cam technology has been greatly expanded, advanced technologies such as high-speed machining and rp/rt have been adopted more and more, the use coverage of mold standard parts and the commercialization rate of molds have been greatly improved, and the proportion of hot runner molds has also been greatly improved. In addition, the vigorous development of foreign-funded enterprises has further promoted the improvement of plastic mold design and manufacturing level and enterprise management level. Some enterprises have achieved information-based management and full digital cartoonless manufacturing

after the development in recent years, the development, innovation and enterprise management of plastic molds have shown some new development trends:

(1) in the four elements of mold quality, delivery cycle, price and service, more and more users have put the delivery cycle first. It has become a trend to require mold companies to deliver products as soon as possible. Enterprises try their best to improve their adaptability, technical level, equipment level, management level and efficiency are effective means to shorten the mold production cycle

(2) vigorously improve the development ability, push the development work forward as far as possible, until it is involved in the product development of mold users, and even develop before the user object is clear, changing from passive to active. At present, this method has been adopted for TV and display shell, air conditioner shell, motorcycle plastic parts, and the development of machine mold has also begun to try. This practice breaks the long-standing passive situation that mold factories can only wait for a contract to design molds according to user requirements

(3) with the improvement of mold enterprise design and processing level, mold manufacturing is changing from mainly relying on the skills of fitters in the past to mainly relying on technology. This is not only the change of production means, but also the change of production mode and the rise of ideas. This trend has led to the continuous improvement of the standardization of molds, the higher and higher precision of flame retardant 2.0~3.0 molds, the shorter and shorter production cycle, and the lower and lower proportion of fitters, which finally promoted the continuous improvement of the overall level of the mold industry. At present, China's mold industry has more than 10 national high-tech enterprises and about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. In line with this trend, it is an inevitable requirement for the main backbone of mold production to gradually change from skilled talents to technical talents. Of course, at present and for a long time, skilled talents are still very important, because it is difficult for molds to completely get rid of their dependence on skills

(4) mold enterprises and their mold production are rapidly developing towards informatization. In the information society, as a high-level modern mold enterprise, the application of cad/cam alone is far from enough. At present, many enterprises have adopted CAE, cat, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, re, CIMS, ERP and other advanced manufacturing technologies and virtual network technologies, which are the manifestations of informatization. The trend towards informatization has become an industry consensus

(5) with the continuous progress of human society, mold is bound to develop to a broader field and a higher level. Now, mold enterprises that can grasp opportunities, explore markets, and constantly find new growth points and those that can produce high-tech molds are doing well, with good profit levels and employee income. Therefore, mold enterprises should grasp this trend and constantly improve their comprehensive quality and international competitiveness

(6) the transfer of molds from developed industrial countries to China is accelerating in the following ways: first, relocation, second, investment, and third, procurement. Chinese mold enterprises should seize the opportunity, borrow and learn from foreign advanced technology, and speed up their own development

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