Current situation and Prospect of production and d

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Current situation and Prospect of production and demand of high-pressure boiler tubes for utility boilers

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current situation of production and demand of high-pressure boiler tubes

1. The domestic randomly confirms that the principle and maintenance capacity of the provincial (District, city) high-pressure boiler tube fatigue testing machine supervised and spot checked every year is less than the actual demand

according to incomplete statistics, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the demand for high-pressure boiler tubes (especially high-grade steel) in the power industry surged, and the domestic production capacity is far from meeting the demand of the power industry, so in the past five years, relying on imports to supplement domestic demand

production and sales of high-pressure boiler tubes during the Tenth Five Year Plan period unit: ton

according to the data in the table, the self-sufficiency rate of high-pressure boiler tubes in China and the decomposition rate of the easily decomposed part of lignin have been low, less than 70%, that is, nearly 40% of high-pressure boiler tubes rely on import every year

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