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The current situation and Prospect of inkjet digital printing

I. The general trend of inkjet printing development

the rise of digital printing marks that traditional printing has been in a saturated state. In recent years, digital printing has developed rapidly. As can be seen from the table below, the growth of digital printing is significantly higher than that of traditional printing

comparison between electrostatic laser imaging and ink-jet imaging

from the table, we can see that ink-jet imaging technology has obvious advantages. At the drupa 2008 exhibition just held, ink-jet printing machine has become the main venue of the exhibition. Two types of ink-jet printing applications have been mature for commercial printing houses. One type is typical variable data printing, including billing and direct mail, such as Kodak vl2000, screen jet520, OCE jetstream2200, Miyakoshi MJP 20V Agfa dotrix et al. The other is the digital printing field most suitable for current inkjet technology, such as digital labels, such as screen, Mimaki, ffei nilmeter, EFI jetrion, Epson, stork, Konica Minolta, and so on. At the same time, commercial printing and publishing printing prototypes are emerging, such as Kodak stream, HP inkjet webpress, Fujifilm jetpress 720, screen truepressjet SX, etc. Therefore, the development of inkjet printing is imperative

the prospect of inkjet printing

in today's society, people's needs tend to be personalized and are slowly moving closer to family life. Some manufacturers claim that the cost of ink-jet color printing will reach 1 cent/a4, and the cut-off point with the cost of offset printing will reach 10000. More than 75% of live parts will be more suitable for ink-jet printing. At the same time, ink-jet printing will no longer be a supplement to traditional printing, and is expected to become another mainstream printing method after offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing. In terms of application, inkjet will also show its ambition in industrial applications

II. Label digital printing

digital electronic extensometer: when calculating the tensile modulus of elasticity, selecting word printing has shorter delivery time, stronger flexibility, better cost-effectiveness, and is a supplement to the traditional printing method. The digital label and packaging solution with variable data printing function reflects the development trend of the label and packaging industry, meets the needs of rapid changes in production and packaging, and also has a huge and far-reaching impact on the application of the label and packaging industry

1. The application prospect of label digital printing

the outstanding changes in the current label market can be summarized as small batch, short cycle and personalization. With the increasing variety of label products, the printing volume is getting smaller and smaller, the printing update cycle is also getting shorter and shorter, and there are more and more personalized requirements

according to Pira's data, in 2005, the label digital printing machines installed in one year accounted for 10% of the total number of narrow label printing machines installed in the world for the first time in 2005. About 4billion labels were digitally printed, with sales of more than US $250million. In 2006, more than 200 label digital printers were installed. By the end of 2007, 7.7 billion labels were digitally printed, and the sales volume will reach US $500million. It is estimated that by 2010, digital printers will account for more than 20% of the newly installed label printers applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials

2. Current situation of label digital printing equipment

at present, most label digital printing machines in the market are laser electrostatic imaging technology. The equipment price is high, the operation cost is high, the speed is not high, the productivity is low, the printing materials are limited, and it is difficult to work online. It can be said that the development of inkjet technology provides a new solution for label printing. For example: Founder Eagle Jet L1000

founder digital label printing machine Eagle Jet L1000

founder Eagle Jet L1000 is the first digital inkjet UV color printing equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China, which is widely used

(1) one starting label: it can print as few as one label to help customers quickly put their operations into the market. For example, a company needs to use self-adhesive materials to print 200 labels for biscuiters, and it only takes less than a day. This task uses eaglejet L1000 digital printing, which takes only 1 or 2 hours to complete; Traditional printing may take days, and digital printing is nearly half cheaper than traditional printing

(2) batch label: provide users with a small amount, an appropriate amount and a large amount of printing to efficiently meet their needs, and help them effectively manage the supply chain and save inventory costs. For example, a company has a long product line and a wide variety. Due to market segmentation and rapid response to market changes, inventory needs to be reduced as much as possible. Using eaglejet L1000 digital label printing machine can effectively achieve this, while traditional printing cannot meet it

(3) personalized labels: adopt variable data printing to provide perfect personalized labels of full-color products. For example, a company is a self-adhesive label printer. They mainly use letterpress label printing machine to print all kinds of long version labels. Nowadays, there are more and more short version labels in the market, and small-scale promotion activities or new product trial sales activities held by manufacturers are more and more frequent. For example, some bakeries, jewelers, small restaurants, etc. have more demand for personalized high value-added labels, but the traditional way can not meet these orders. If eaglejet L1000 digital printing is adopted, it is estimated that 250 more such live parts can be received every week

(4) label proofing: provide customers with label proofing consistent with their operations. For example, using eaglejet L1000 can provide users with high-quality and fast digital label proofing, which is far lower than traditional proofing in cost and time

(5) develop new businesses: the use of Founder Digital label printing machine will help to develop new businesses

(6) cost reduction: when using Founder Digital label printing machine for short version printing of less than 2000 meters or 50000 labels, the cost can be significantly reduced

1 generally, it is recommended to use at about 10Hz

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