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Three sets of railway echelon transport capacity plan to cope with the Spring Festival transportation

from January 7, 2013, the Spring Festival transportation train tickets will be on sale. In order to do a good job in the railway spring festival transportation, the Ministry of Railways organized all railway bureaus to import and some domestic joint venture manufacturers to arrive, and compiled the train diagram of the whole railway spring festival transportation in 2013. 352 pairs of direct temporary passenger lines are arranged throughout the road, and three echelon transport capacity schemes, namely, basic scheme, preparatory scheme and emergency scheme, are adopted to deal with normal passenger flow, peak passenger flow and sudden passenger flow respectively

the Spring Festival transportation in 2013 will last for 40 days from January 26 to March 6, including 15 days before the festival and 25 days after the festival. The railway department predicts that the passenger flow before the Spring Festival transportation festival in 2013 is relatively flat, and the passenger flow after the festival is relatively concentrated. The national railway sent 224.5 million passengers, with a year-on-year increase of 9.93 million, an increase of 4.6%, and a daily average of 5.61 million

the work of Railway Spring Festival transportation in 2013 will continue to highlight key areas, key trunk lines and key stations. Key areas such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou before the festival; After the festival, it is applicable to Chengdu Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefu and Hunan. Key trunk lines include: Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Kowloon Railway, Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Harbin, Longhai, Lanxin, Shanghai Kunming, Jiaoliu, Xiangyu, Baocheng, Chongqing Huaihua and other existing lines that are major issues in Middle East Politics in the 21st century, as well as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Harbin Dalian, Shanghai Wuhan high-speed rail

except for a large number of openings 10, piston displacement indication accuracy: 0.5%fs; During the Spring Festival transportation, the Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Shanghai, Hefei Bengal, Zhengzhou-Xi'an and other high-speed railways implemented the peak map. In addition, during the peak period of the Spring Festival transportation (the twelfth month of the lunar calendar, the beginning of the first month, and the first month of the first month), the Zhengzhou (East) - Guangzhou south section of the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway will also use the time for night maintenance of skylights to open more EMUs

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