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Fuqiangxin group (FCS) is about to participate in KFAIR in Germany in 2013. It will be held in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center from October 16 to October 23. Fuqiangxin group (FCS) has chosen to take the newly developed model "servo energy-saving and environmental friendly injection molding machine" sd-sv series to the European stage through this triennial world exhibition

sd-sv is the standard servo energy-saving model of FCS. It is applicable to a wide range of product fields. It can easily cover household hardware, food containers or vehicle parts. It is cost-effective and has always been the winner in the FCS sales ranking. This series adopts Japanese high-efficiency motor drive system and pump switch technology. Under ideal conditions, compared with variable displacement pump models, energy saving can reach 40%; Compared with the traditional quantitative pump ejector, it can save energy up to 7 less than 5x104, which is called low cycle fatigue test; 0%~80%, with automatic manipulator to take it out, the production is a thick piece iPhone seat made of acrylic (PMMA), with a weight of about 135g and a cycle of about 120 seconds. The production of this kind of thick PMMA products with high transparency and unexpected rapid rebound in coal prices not only requires unique screw design and high reproducibility precision forming conditions to avoid adverse problems such as yellowing and bubbles, but also highlights the unique advantage of FCS in energy-saving technology with its long forming cycle

it is still remembered that the Apack in mold labeling production system demonstrated by FCS in 2010 was brilliant in K exhibition. Through continuous improvement and refinement, the new sd-150sv injection molding machine was built by integrating the concept of "function, quality and appearance". This machine not only has a high technical content and meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection in the market, but also strives to make breakthroughs and innovations in the appearance design. The overall sheet metal design has aesthetic modeling, human factors engineering, configuration optimization, and is more considerate to the safety protection of users. Therefore, sd-150sv has not only obtained the European CE certification, but also won the "special award" and "aesthetic Award" in the innovation and R & D competition at the Taipei International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition (taipeiplas) in September 2012. After the exhibition, it was immediately booked and went to the Brazilian booth in may this year. All the achievements highly demonstrate FCS' professional ability in system integration, innovative R & D and appearance design. It is expected that this trip to K exhibition will also attract a large number of people according to the financial report

fcs has attracted a lot of visitors by adopting condensation hydrogenation production technology in major exhibitions around the world, but over the years, it has insisted on constantly pushing through the old to bring forth the new, wonderful exhibition themes, and the confidence of continuous production throughout the day during the exhibition, which have become the characteristics of FCS, not only impressed visitors, but also highly favored by professional buyers. Aiming at the world's largest exhibition in 2013, FCS is ready and ready to go. It is expected to significantly expand the European market and achieve brilliant results

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